Is VIP-Swapnil’s Manoj Kumar act below the belt?

March 23rd, 2010 - 12:06 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

March 23, 2010, (Sampurn Wire):A successful satire is one which is enjoyed even by the person who is being spoofed. However, legendary Bollywood actor Manoj Kumar isn’t one who takes jokes upon him lightly. Apparently, King Khan too wasn’t spared after Kumar took offence to his impersonation by Khan in the film Om Shanti Om. The veteran actor had filed a defamation suit against the director Farah Khan, producers Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan for projecting him in bad light.

Apparently, another set of lesser known individuals have run the risk of infuriating Kumar. The individuals in question are actor Swapnil Joshi and stand-up comedian VIP (Vijay Ishwarlal Pawar). The duo’s act on the March 20 episode of the show Comedy Circus maha sangram had everyone in splits but the satire on Manoj Kumar appeared to be below the belt.

The theme of the day was honouring Sachin Tendulkar for his world record One-day international individual score of 200 not out against South Africa recently. Swapnil Joshi played Tendulkar, while VIP essayed different characters around him. One of them was a rather envious Manoj Kumar who questions “Sachin’ Joshi as to why the latter should be given the Bharat Ratna award.

During the act, VIP sighs, “Meri baat koi nahi sunhta.” (No one listens to me).” To this Joshi replies, “Arrey, yadi tum yeh haath apne mooh se hatalon toh log sunnhe ke saath aapko dekh bhi lenge.” (If you take your hand off your face, then people will be able to listen and see your face too) ”

Kumar has a peculiar on screen presence whereby he often spoke with his hand covering his face.

In another instance, VIP “Kumar’ keeps talking while “Sachin’ Joshi ignores his word and swings his bat. When VIP “Kumar’ asks what is he doing? “Sachin’ Joshi replies, “I’m playing with your emotion.”

The real objectionable content is when “Sachin’ Joshi mocks at VIP “Kumar’ saying, “Arey yaar, isse zyada kuch mat kaho warna yeh case kar dega.” (Do not tell much to him or else he’ll file a case).

Well, poking such fun at a legendary figure like Kumar is indeed treading on a dangerous path.

When asked whether he was flirting with danger, VIP replied, “Well, I hope Mr.Kumar has seen it and raises objection to it. At least, we’ll be talked about in the media. Jokes apart, I don’t think the act was in any way below the belt. In the film, Kumar was degraded as he shown as unrecognizable and forgotten hero. I’m not concerned about Manoj Kumar but I’m more worried about reaction to my Mother India act. Our people are very sentimental when it comes to the country. ”

Right said Mr.VIP, but first pray that Manoj Kumar is cool with your act or let’s hope, he hasn’t seen it.

- Mayur Lookhar/Sampurn Wire

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