IS Rick Astley back: Showing things he would never do?

April 24th, 2008 - 10:39 am ICT by amritpal  

Rick AstleyIs the 1980’s Pop singer Rick Astley back on the you-tube RickRolling people into watching the awkward and hilarious video? Earlier lat year, the phenonmenon started when someone thought of tricking the internet users into watching this video under the garbs of drunken parties, hot babes and hilarious sitcoms. This internet mime led to coining the term ‘Rick Roll’ where millions of unsuspecting viewers are duped into watching this one old video from 1980s.

The song “Never gonna give you up” has made people write articles which give up a detailed analysis of things that Rick is not gonna do! Take this for example. An excellent April fool material, the article presents a comprehensive analysis of what Rick’s ‘never gonna do’ and what it takes to be his girl. There have also been tees designed for showing affiliation. Thats how people love to Rick Roll.

Fox news reported yesterday that Rick Rolling has again shot to fame, bringing this British pop singer back on the charts of internet searches and tricks. Last time the hit “Never gonna give up” was on every URL that appeared in the featured videos list. What is it gonna be this time? Are we going to see things Rick Astley would never do on every mailbox? Whatever it is, we are sure Rick’s not gonna give it up so easily.

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