Is Miley Cyrus Flashing Her Breasts To Unite Her Parents?

November 17th, 2010 - 6:47 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Experts in psychoanalysis such as Dr. Gilda Carle have remarked that such events cannot be dismissed as a coincidence, with Carle deeming that these eccentric attires of Miley are due to the turbulence in her parents’ matrimony, which is headed for annulment. Dr. Carle has uttered that Miley, like any other teenager, does not desire to see her parents separate and wishes for the continuation of love and stability in their marriage. She is attached profoundly to her parents and yearns for their undivided affection. Miley had declared to MTV recently that she is eager to be with her parents on a vacation on her upcoming 18th birthday.

Dr. Carle has theorized that Miley is subconsciously attempting the unification of her parents by being skimpily clad. Revealing parts of her body deliberately is an effort by Miley to portray her overly sexualized state, which, Miley hopes, will compel her parents to forget their disputes and unify to redress their daughter’s ‘bad’ and ‘undisciplined’ behavior. Miley, by her bodily exposure, is trying to attract their attention. ‘PopEater’ has deemed that Miley reproaches her musical triumphs for her parents’ divorce and would surrender all her riches if that would merge her parents and continue their matrimony securely. Dr. Carle has uttered that Miley probably does not mind disrupting her own career for the unity of her parents.

It is clear that Miley loves her parents immensely but she should discontinue blaming herself for her parents’ divorce, if what Dr. Carle is saying is true. Miley needs to consult a psychoanalyst and eliminate her guiltiness, if any exists. She has a bright future and should concentrate on that since her success would definitely please her parents and, may be, unite them too.  She should let her parents sort out their problems.

–Sampurn Wire

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