Is it Mellon Arena? Is it Disneyland?

March 6th, 2009 - 12:23 am ICT by GD  

When the Disney on Ice production begins in the Mellon Arena at Pittsburgh on Thursday it will give onlookers an affordable fake trip to Disneyland, according to cast and crew of the show.

In “Disneyland Adventure” The Incredibles appear to want to become normal people rather than the superheroes that they are, and they want to spend a day at the Disneyland Park. Then Mickey and Minnie Mouse are kidnapped and the Incredibles must return to being superheroes in order to save Disneyland.

They get to ride a number of Disneyland rides such a the Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruie and Haunted Mansion meanwhile. A revolving set, a number of ensemble ice skaters and music will help create the fantasy. Choreographed by Cindy Stuart, this is a show with unending energy, humor and charm and displays great performances on skates so it is aimed at the whole family, not just children. According to Jenna Sherrod, one of the skaters, “Feeling the audience’s energy is really what keeps us energized in every show, especially when you hear people cheering. I really feel like our show has a lot to offer all age groups and … adults who may have never been to Disneyland and wanted to go. There’s something for everyone in the family. Little girls, little boys and teenagers can enjoy our show.”

Watching the show will give people a much needed respite from the recession’s worries as it transports them to a fantasy land where everything just gets better, adding, “I know the times are tough with the economy, and people are going to be really choosy about what they’re spending their money on. This is really worthwhile. … Those things uplift you and give you the energy to keep pushing on in your daily life and your job. It just breaks up the mundane, and it can re-energize you.”

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