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November 30th, 2010 - 2:36 am ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

Nov 29 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Driving along India’s most dangerous roads in the heart of the Himalayas are American truck drivers from the television series “Ice Road Truckers” on the History Channel. One driver, Alex gave up on the job within the first few days and went back to America, and three remain. Rick, Lisa, and Dave face the challenges of the most dangerous roads in the world, with sharp drop-offs and random rock slides, death was a serious daily threat. These truckers are trying to make their loads to the most remote places in the country.

As Dave tried to go into the Rohtang Pass, he found that it was still closed due to the rock slides and ice storms which make the road so dangerous. Rick has lost his spotter and Lisa had already let hers go, so they are both making the trip solo, as Dave rides along with Alex’s spotter after Alex went home earlier in the season.

Dave was told that the Rohtang Pass was full of dead bodies. The three American truckers still decided to risk the dangers and try to make the trip anyway. As they approached the mountains, there was nothing but cars for miles and miles along the road to the pass on the mountain switchbacks.

Soon all of the local people began to stare at Lisa, who is the only female truck driver in the entire country. As the crowd continues to grow, it is apparent that Lisa is not safe in these conditions without her spotter. The men outside of Lisa’s truck try pulling her door open and getting in with her.

Lisa began to yell on her radio to Dave and Rick, the other two American truckers to come and help her. “These men are trying to get in my truck!” She yelled. Dave and Rick quickly ran to her aide, with Rick stating, “I will die on the side of the road before I let anyone get their hands on her.”

The two men rushed to Lisa’s truck and ordered the local men to get away from Lisa’s truck. They were surrounded by men who began to argue with them as they told the crowd to get away from Lisa’s truck. Soon Lisa was free and they all managed to cross the bridge away from the crowd. but the traffic was so bad that after crossing the bridge, it took them three hours to drive about five hundred yards.

Dave’s spotter soon helped all three truckers get through the jam, as Dave’s truck was literally on the edge of the road, which was riding along the sheer drop off that meant certain death. Along the road they could look down and see the carcasses of old trucks whose drivers did not make it on the roads whose name translates into “Pile of Corpses”.

As the storm gathered and the traffic remained bad, the truckers began to wonder if they should just turn around. Lisa, the voice of reason stated that they had already fought the traffic once and she didn’t think they should go back. They all made it over the pass.

Now, however, they have to descend the North side of the pass in the dark. It was far too dangerous and they all felt the tension. As Lisa pointed out, night time is when the truckers are tired and are most likely to make a mistake, and she stated that she was already exhausted. Riding in the dark, in the rain, Lisa was being very cautious, which drove the drivers behind her insane, as they wanted her to hurry.

Rick soon found room to pass Lisa and he and Dave went ahead. Dave seemed to feel that Rick should have stayed with Lisa and not let her stay by herself. Lisa sounded very tired, and Dave became very worried for her. As Dave and Rick finally made it into town, Lisa was no where to be seen.

But soon she came around the bend, shaky and tired, but safe with the little dog she had rescued on a previous show. All three of the truckers made it though this time, but only one will finish the last run on the season’s finale next week.

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