Indian director, British actor’s mutual admiration society

November 4th, 2011 - 8:29 pm ICT by IANS  

New Delhi, Nov 4 (IANS) British actor Henry Cavill, who plays the lead in “Immortals”, an epic tale of treachery, vengeance and destiny, says he was so impressed by Hollywood-based Indian director Tarsem Singh’s vision that he agreed to be part of the project.

Singh says he met Cavill when the script was at the nascent stage but he was confident the actor would fit the bill.

“I’ve always been into the mythology of the ancient world. When I first read the script, it was very much in its infancy, but Tarsem’s vision for the movie and his passion were second to none,” Cavill, who featured in films like “Blood Creek” and Woody Allen’s comedy “Whatever Works”, said in a statement.

Cavill plays a stonemason named Theseus who fights a brutal and bloodthirsty king in a desperate battle for the future of humanity. Both the mythological setting and the prospect of working with Singh captivated Cavill.

“Tarsem showed me where his inspiration was coming from and where his visuals were going to lie. He gave me important character points for Theseus. It was only a few days before shooting that we actually got a finalised script, but Tarsem always had it all in his head. To research anything else would have been a risky game,” said the actor.

The first role Singh cast for in “Immortals” was that of Theseus and Cavill has been associated with the script from the very beginning.

“The script was still in the development stage when we met with Henry,” said Singh, “so we took one page and had him read it one way. Then I made some adjustments. He did three reads altogether, each in a completely different direction. He was so versatile. I knew whatever the script evolved into, Henry would be able to go there.”

The story of “Immortals” is driven by three larger-than-life figures - King Hyperion, a half-mad warrior bent on conquering the world; Theseus, a young adventurer set on destroying Hyperion to avenge his mother’s death; and Zeus, the ruler of Mount Olympus and ultimate authority among the gods of ancient Greece. Their conflict sets off an epic battle between humans, gods and demi-gods that could annihilate humankind.

“Immortals” apparently draws its inspiration from one of India’s strongest depictions of the victory of good over evil - Dussera.

“Immortals” hits theaters in 3D on November 11 worldwide and in India.

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