Indian cinema is going to witness a new type of cinema through my films: Vivek Sharma

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Vivek Sharma By Shruti Didwaniya

The young and energetic director Vivek Sharma is back again after his much appreciated film Bhoothnath. His new movie Kal Kisne Dekha Hai is about to release and Vivek got into a heart to heart conversation with us about his new film and his personal experiences in life.

Q. Tell us something about your new film?

A. My new film is about a young small town guy Nihaal Singh who comes to Mumbai from Chandigarh and he has some special powers where he can see future as the name of the movie suggests Kal Kisne Dekha Hai. I wanted to give a message through my movie that everyone has got some vision, especially the youths; only the thing is that we don’t realize it. This boy didn’t know where to use his powers and then he meets up with Rishi Kapoor who is a professor of science and he becomes his guide. It’s a very happy go lucky type of movie with an interesting love story in it.

Q. You have worked with one of the most experienced actors of Bollywood in your first film and now you are working with the newcomers. Tell us about your experience with each of them?

A. My experience of working with newcomers and experienced actors are different with newcomers. There is a plus point that they are unexplored so you can mould them the way you want. They are more dedicated but with experienced actors it is not the case. But yes, they don’t need much of training and they catch things faster since they are experienced. You can shout on newcomers but you can’t shout on the senior actors. Working with both genres of actors has their pros and cons.

Q. How the subject of Kal Kisne Dekha Hai is different from other youth oriented college based films?

A. The storyline is different here. Among all the students there is one student who has got this extra power that he can see future. But he is a normal man he is not a superhero who can fly or does something which a super hero does and he is confuse that why god has given this power to him. He wants to know the reason behind it. And then Rishi Kapoor who is a science professor helps him know the reason behind this vision. He makes him realize that if you have got this vision then there is a reason behind it.

Q. You are ready with 67 scripts so when will these turn into films?

A. My target is to make two films every year and from this year itself I would be working on it. My next project is a romantic comedy called Dil Can Fly Idhar Udhar and there is a film called Buddhaam Sharanam Gachaami, which is on violence and terrorism.

Q. Tell us something interesting which happened on the sets while shooting for the film?

A. Rishiji use to play a lot of prank on the sets with the new comers. He used to pretend as if he is getting angry on them and then they used to get scared of him. Rishiji used to get food for everyone and Jackie was on strict diet. But then too Rishiji made sure that Jackie has the food which he has got from his home. Rishiji always insisted and convinced Jackie that he has to eat the chicken and mutton which Neetu has cooked for you.

Q. Tell us about the new talents which are being launched by your movie? Do you think they are going to be promising debutants?

A. Yes, definitely they are going to be promising debutants because they are not influenced by any acting school or filmmaking. They don’t want to become Hritik Roshan or Madhuri Dixit because they have their own creativity and their own style. And their creative hunger and passion for cinema will definitely make them a big star one day. It’s also about the type of director you choose after signing one film. They might go wrong and sign any bad film, so it’s very important for an actor to sense the type of film and the director they are working with.

Q. What inspired you to make a film like Kal Kisne Dekha Hai? Does any of the youth characters in the film is been inspired by your own character when you were in college?

A. As a film maker, I have a certain journey. I don’t want to make any film but I want to make important films and with this movie I want to convey the message that every youth has got vision and one can make a difference for his\her nation with that vision. Kal Kisne Dekha Hai is a very different type of movie and as a filmmaker; I don’t want to make regular films. I want to make important films and Indian cinema is going to witness a new type of cinema through my films. The lead character of the movie, Nihaal Singh is inspired by my own character. Even I have some powers and visions where I can guess that what is going to happen in future. Like me, even Nihaal has come from small town to Mumbai and the way he has been been introduced in the movie, “Hii I am Nihaal Singh from Chandigarh”, the tone of dialogue and style is quite similar to what I used to be when I came to Mumbai.

Q. What qualities do you look in an actor before signing him\her for your movie?

A. First of all I see their connection with cinema. Its like someone is good in football and someone is good in hockey. You can’t place a hockey player in football team. If you do so, you are not going to win any match then. I also see that in this bracket of cinema, the actors have those elements or not as well as, they can fit in or not. – Sampurn Media
Vivek Sharma

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