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By Meena Kar
220px-mariluhennerdec10Dec 20, (THAINDIAN NEWS) Marilu Henner, is not just the “Taxi” babe. She is also blessed with an incredible memory. Recently, scientists conducted a research, to conclude that very few people have the rare ability “to remember each day of your life as if it happened yesterday”. This rare asset is called “superior autobiographical memory” in the scientific term. All the fans of Marilu Henner would be happy to know that she is one of those six rare people, who is blessed with it.

Yesterday, the star was featured on CBS show “60 Minutes”, to tell the viewers about her wonderful memory and cognitive capabilities. She can vividly recall each and every day of her life, as if it had happened yesterday. Every memory, whether significant or not, can be promptly remembered by the actress at any point of time, without much deliberate cognitive retrospection. Yesterday, “60 Minutes” called five of these people along with the scientist who studied it, Dr. James McGaugh, together on the same platform to share their experiences. They said that at-times it is indeed like a boon as they can recall each and every past event more meticulously that anyone else. However, they said that it also has some drawbacks, as they cannot forget the painful events in their past and move on with ease unlike a person with an ordinary memory.

Dr. James McGaugh said that people having this endless memory have larger temporal lobe and caudate nucleus. However, scientifically this may have an adverse effect, as a larger caudate nucleus can also attribute to obsessive compulsive disorders. It still could not be figured out whether this enlargement is a result of excessive storage of memory, or whether one is born with it.

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