Igor Stravinsky- Quintessential composer

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Igor Stravinsky Igor Stravinsky was a was a Russian composer, pianist and conductor. In his childhood his parents wanted him to become a lawyer but his interest in music and composition pulled him to the world where he has been acclaimed. He kept exploring and learning about art and literature and his wide taste in literature was revealed from his constant discoveries.

Now you know who he is but did you know that it is birthday today- he was born 127 years ago in 1882 and thanks to search engines that his birthday has been recorded and stored for readers like us to be aware of.

What Beethoven was to the Romantic Period, Stravinsky was to the 20th Century music- a pioneer best know for his works like The Firebird, Petrushka and The Rite of Spring. He was named 100 most influential people of the century.

Igor Stravinsky had decided to create a score for a ballet based on the themes described in scene one. Collaborating with Vaslav Najinsky, the famous Russian choreographer, he has succeeded in creating a ballet that breaks almost completely with accepted musical and dance conventions.

Do you think this man ever gave up? Well he had to. His career continued until 1967, after which illness approached him with increasing age which forced him to retire from the concert platform. He died on 6 April 1971, in New York, and his body was flown to Venice for burial on the island of San Michele, near to the grave of Diaghilev.

Igor Stravinsky still has his footprints as he brought in variety of styles in his composition adding dimensions to music.

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