I would love to go for a live-in relationship - Jay Bhanushali

May 16th, 2009 - 4:29 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Q. What ideal qualities would you want in your woman?
A. She should be very dumb or else she won’t be able to bear me much. She should not be so intelligent because I am not so I don’t want to get any complex from her. She should be very beautiful. I would not mind more beautiful than me and she should be very very down to earth as attitude is something which I hate.

Q. Would you prefer a homemaker or a working woman?
A. Anything will do, only if she has time for me.

Q. Hottest getaway with her?
A. Leh Ladakh.

Q. Would you go for a live-in relationship if necessary?
A. I would love to but I never got a chance. I am trying to find a girl like this but only in five minutes no girl can tolerate me.

Q. How would you woo your woman?
A. I very bad at it (laughs) but I always try to be myself.

Q. If you found your partner having a fling with your best friend, what would you do?
A. Till now I have never seriously dated any girl but if my friend does that I would not do anything and if I am serious with some girl and if she was involved I would definitely have killed them. But on a serious note, I would just have ignored it and I would never have spoken to that girl anymore. I am not an aggressive kind of a guy.

Q. Would you allow your future wife to wear short outfits?
A. If she wants to then definitely yes. But only on some occasions like if we are partying or something then it is fine.

Q. If most women don’t like the supposed dominating nature of men, what is the one trait in women that turns you off?
A. The one thing is that wherever you go you have to take her and you don’t have any personal life with your friends. That is the reason why I don’t date any girl. I need some space and I need some time to watch other beautiful girls too.

–Jiya Pandit / Sampurn Media

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