“I would like to sit on the director’s chair someday” -Hiten Tejwani

May 26th, 2009 - 12:27 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Leaving the short stint on “Kitni Mohabbat Hai’ recently, you are back on Television after quite some time. How does it feel?
Hiten: Well, I would say it was a well-deserved break. But yes, it feels great to be back to work and on my toes once again. I am re-energized and ready to entertain my viewers once again. J

During this break you took from Television, what were you upto?
Hiten: Nothing much really. Have been relaxing and concentrating on my workouts. I have also developed an interest for writing. I have started penning down scripts concepts. I have been taking everyone’s view points on them, including Gauri who is very supportive and always keen on reviewing them. As of now, it is all for interest sake, but maybe some day I would like to sit in the Director’s chair and scream “Action’

Your image amongst your fans has been set as “Karan Virani’ from “kyunki…” for the past 8 years. How do you intend on breaking it?
Hiten: It definitely won’t be easy but I am experienced with breaking the set moulds and establishing a new character. For example, after “Kutumb’ too, breaking the “Pratham’ image to welcome “Karan Virani’ was not easy but I managed to do it, and now I am hoping the audience will welcome “Karan Singh’ from “Kitani Mohabbat Hai’ too. So with God’s blessings and my fans love, my hard work for this character as well should hopefully pay off.

When do we get to see Gauri and you back on television together?
Hiten: I cannot really say anything concrete/promise as of now because nothing is predictable. We enjoyed entertaining our fans and hopefully will get to do a lot of more good work together. But all that depends on whatever projects come our way. If we think our fans will enjoy it, and it is gripping enough, then we will definitely go for it.

Which character is closest to the real Hiten Tejwani? “Karan Virani’ from “Kyunki…” or “Karan Singh’ from “Kitni Mohabbat Hai”?
Hiten: As you all know, “Karan Singh’ is still to make his debut so he is a new, character for me, and my audience. So I cannot quite relate to him for the time being. It will have to be “Karan Virani’ but if you ask me my all time favorite has to be “Pratham’ from “Kutumb”.

Is there anything Gauri and you did specially for each other, on your 5th anniversary?
Hiten: (laughs) Yes, we definitely did do romantic things for each other on completing 5 years together! All I can say is, that to keep any marriage alive, romance is extremely crucial. So yes, we do a lot of romantic things for one another. But we like to keep it private as like to keep it private as the essence is lost on it being told. Although I must tell you, it doesn’t seem like half a decade is up! It feels like we just tied the knot yesterday J

The name “Karan’ seems to be lucky for you…is it deliberately?
Hiten: No not at all. But I hope it proves second time lucky. As Shakespeare said “What’s in a name?’ just like my fans recognized and appreciated my hard work in my previous projects, I hope they will for the next and forthcoming ones too.

Lately you have been doing work outside “Balaji’. Any particular reason behind that?
Hiten: After “Kyunki…” I did “Jasuben….” and “Kumkum” because I found the characters in each of those appealing and interesting. My association with Ekta and “Balaji’ has been long and strong. If offered anything from their side, I will be more than happy to take it up.

Lastly, any message for your fans?
Hiten: As always, a big thank you people for your love, good wishes and blessings. You have appreciated my work in the past, and I hope you like my character as “Karan Singh’. If there is any feedback you would want give me, please do so. You are most welcome. God Bless. -Sampurn Media

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