I will be a much better judge next time - Anand Raj Anand

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I will be a much better judge next time - Anand Raj Anand Well known music director , Anand Raj Anand is the latest evictee from Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Howe ever he seems to be pretty cool about his exit.” At the end there will have to be only winner right. Every week somebody has to go, so this Saturday I went out, but next time it will be somebody else’s chance to face the music “.

Q. What went wrong?

A. Nothing, it’s just that I was not mentally ready to be a part of the face off round again. I had broken my back preparing for the next round. Hence when I did perform on my old number, the disappointment showed on my face and the judges caught it.

But all said and done, I have no regrets. I am overwhelmed by the love and affection that people have showered on me in the last 3 weeks. It’s well known by now that the only reason why I took part in Jhalak was to make my daughter happy. She wanted me to come in front of the whole world. I had promised her that I will last at least till the 6th round, but now I am telling her that the effort each round took was equal to 6 episodes, so I have lasted 18 episodes.

Q. Were you a bit afraid of facing humiliation, if things went wrong?

A. No, this is not a competition of dancers. So all it really boils down is to who is less bad among the crowd. And I am in that stage of my life where I am not competing with anybody else. I am quite secure as a music director and this is just one more facet of life that I am exploring.

Q. Do you think that because you don’t appear too much on television, it worked against you?

A. I agree that I landed in the Face Off due to lesser votes. Some of the sympathy factor’s like Ram Kapoor dancing despite being fat or Mohinder Amarnath being old, did not apply to me. Karan Singh Grower on the other hand has woman swooning all over him. I was regarded as a proper dancer. I also feel that we artists are not so good at management.

Q. Your equation with your choreographer Rosita?

A. It rocked because I clearly told that she will have to forget my celebrity status, if we have to stand a chance. She was really good. My grand dad would always tell me to tolerate the attitudes of talented artist. We have had our share of differences, but they were in the heat of the moment.

Q. You had first taken part as a judge (Junoon Kuchh Kar Dikhaane Ka, NDTV Imagine) in a reality show now participant?

A. I now understand that even the participants have a valid point of view. Hence I will be a much better judge, next time, if given a chance. As for the current judges, I have nothing against them but yes I would have hoped for better marking.

Q. What observation’s have you made?

A. It’s more easier for female celebs for their choreographer’s can easily lift and control them but in our(men) case, its tough for even if Rosita did teach me to lift, we being so clumsy, we will not know what to do next.

Q. What have you taken home from Jhalak?

A. I always knew that as a result of the rigorous physical exercise, even I don’t build the abbs, I will surely loose my flab. And it has happened. Ask anybody what they feel after loosing those extra kilos and seeing the shine return on their faces. I will never be able to thank Jhalak enough for giving me this chance.

Q. Can you sing a song of yours to describe your 3 weeks in Jhalak?

A. I will only sing, Daga Nahi Denge Sanam Phadke Ke Rakh Denge…This will also apply, if we do return as wild card. – Sampurn Media
I will be a much better judge next time - Anand Raj Anand

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