I want to make my own identity: Rachna Parulkar

April 21st, 2009 - 4:30 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Rachna Parulkar Saat Phere has taken a generation leap and the new lead in the show Rachna Parulkar who is playing Saloni’s daughter shared with us her experiences and her feeling when the first time she faced camera and acted in front of so many people and many more.

Q. Have you ever faced camera before?
A. No, I haven’t faced camera before. I have only faced it during the time of my photoshoot.

Q. How was your first day at the shoot?
A. First day of my shoot was scary. I was very nervous and scared but everyone out there were so nice. They all made me very comfortable and made me relax. Because of that I forgot all my nervousness and managed to give a good shot.

Q. You will be playing the character of Rajshri Thakur’s daughter, so how excited are you?
A. I am very excited as she is one of my favourite actors from the show. I got to play her daughter in the show and so I feel that I am really very lucky.

Q. Tell us something about your characteristics in the soap?
A. I am playing Saawri who is a very quiet girl unlike me. She is much disciplined and she is a kind of girl who can do anything for her sisters and brothers. She loves her family and especially she is very much attached to her brothers and sisters.

Q. How close is the character to your real self?
A. I am not so quiet in my real life. I am very bubbly and trendy but like Saawri even I can’t hurt anyone. I always think a lot before speaking because I don’t like people to get hurt because of me.

Q. People say you resemble her…How do you react to these comments?
A. People call me Saloni’s look alike but tell me who would like to be called as someone’s look alike. I want to make my own identity and I want people to know me as Saawri but not as Saloni’s daughter.

Q. You just gave your board exams, so what results are you expecting? Are you nervous?
A. I don’t know. Because of my shooting and all I have forgotten all about my results and as these people make me enjoy so much that I have become tension free. But as soon as I remember that after a month my results will be out, I become nervous. After all it’s my board exams results and for me education is as much important as my career.

Q. You are a Kathak dancer, so where have you been trained for it?
A. I have been trained by Shrimati Uma Dongra at Nalanda Nritya Academy.

Q. Have you had any professional training for acting?
A. No, I have never had any training in acting. I just came for the auditions and they selected me.

Q. What’s your take on the reality shows? If given a chance would you participate in any?
A. I would love to be a part of any dance reality show because I eat, sleep and drink dance. For me dance is everything. I think reality shows are playing a very good role by promoting talent and by giving them such a huge platform.

Q. Your take on the IPL. Which team would you support this season?
A. I love watching cricket like every other Indian. But I think this time also IPL should have been conducted here in India as last time I had a lot of fun watching the matches in the stadium. I went to watch three matches. I am obviously cheering for Mumbai Indians as I am a Mumbaikar. -Sampurn Media
Rachna Parulkar

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