“I Thank Those Intelligent People For Watching Me”: Barun Sobti

August 5th, 2010 - 2:00 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

August 5, 2010 (Sampurn Wire):Barun Sobti is the name who got recognition and popularity after portraying the character Shravan in Sony TV’s “Baat Hamari Pakki Hai’. The guy has reached a point where he has a good fan following. On popular demand TellyCafe has brought his exclusive interview where he shares his views about acting, stardom, hard work, and fans.

How is Barun in real life different from Shravan?

Barun is responsible, hardworking guy; he is pretty much focused and not confused. As I have worked in this industry I know how to manage things over here. I love to be happy and can be irresponsible sometimes. Not irresponsible actually but lazy. And what to say about Shravan, audience knows much better than me. Everyone knows how he is. Right!

How is the experience of essaying Shravan?

It’s fantastic. The way the character has been conceived and written is just amazing. I love the way the character has evolved. The way he reacts in evey situation is incredible. I think that is why the audience likes him so much. Viewers basically like the on-screen role which is essayed by the actor. They like the chemistry and the way actors are presented through their characters.

Viewers often say that Saachi (Ankita Sharma) of the show does not match up to you. What is your take on it?

Ankita is a fantastic actor and good looking too. The way she has essayed the role of Saachi is just outstanding. She has done true justice to the role. Beyond that I can’t say anything because I think we are in no way different in our acting and performing skills. It may be the perception of the audience that they don’t see us at par with each other.

Your character gets lots of sympathy from the audience. What do you have to say to it?

Shravan is the hero of the show and that’s why he gets sympathy and support of the audience. I accept their sympathy as I think that my acting has impressed them and they are giving me their response. Whatever is the response of the audience to my acting – sympathy, anger, rudeness or any thing else – I accept it completely.

Any crazy incidence you came across with a fan?

I hardly get time to go out and meet people but once I came across such an incident. I was busy shooting for a show. A fan named Tara came to meet me and I gave her my executive production man’s number so that if necessary she could contact me. But she irked the production personnel with her incessant calls and request to speak with me. I was really very busy with my shoot and could not take up any of her calls. That was the only incident which I have come across so far.

How do you take your stardom?

I don’t think I am a star till now. I stay away from the word stardom and believe that I am a normal person. I have learned from my parents to be down to earth. I have to go a long way from where I am now.

How was working with “Baat Hamari Pakki…’ team?

It is great to be with the team. I would like to share an incident about the team. Once my friend named Vishal from Delhi had come down to Mumbai at my place. That time I was very busy with the shooting and couldn’t give him company. I asked him to visit the set once. He came and got along very well with my co-actors. And while returning, he was not in the mood to leave the set. So from this incident you can make out how great it is to work with the “Baat Hamari…’ team.

Do you find any difficulty while shooting or anything related to the show?

No such difficulty yet. However, sometimes we have to shoot for long hours at a stretch that affects the health. We sometimes work for 22 hours at a stretch. The schedule can extend to even 30 hours for some special episodes.

Your message for your fans!

I don’t believe in the term “fans’. According to me they are very sensible people and I would like to thank those intelligent people for watching me. Thank you very much.

–Tejashree Bhopatkar / Sampurn Wire

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