I still don’t know how to use an I-pod - Jay Bhanushali

May 5th, 2009 - 6:27 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

I still don't know how to use an I-pod - Jay Bhanushali Q. Are you a gizmo freak?
A. About average when it comes to these things. I am not too much into it.

Q. What gadgets do you possess?
A. I am very crazy about my Apple I-phone. I got it around six months back from U.S, then I broke it and I bought it again from India.

Q. Which is your latest priced possession?
A. I just got a 43 inch plasma TV a month back.

Q. Do you think gadgets have made our lives simpler?
A. Simpler and very lazy.

Q. Which is the one discovery (in gadgets) without which you think life would have been impossible?
A. Mobile phones.

Q. Where do you access your email -on phone or on the laptop?
A. I prefer using my I phone.

Q. How important is it to be techno savvy in today’s world?
A. Well, frankly speaking, now even if you miss a second a lot of things change. Earlier it was a different thing, like you could go in 2-3 days just once to check your emails but now it’s like my daily routine of going online and replying to my fans and my business clients

Q. There are a lot of complicated gadgets, and they are expensive too. What do you have to say about them?
A. There are some gadgets which I still don’t know how to use and one of them is an I-pod. It is something that I have tried so many times but still can’t get it. I have lost all hopes from that gadget and I am not going to buy it.

Q. Do you think the whopping prize tag a gadget has today in the market is justified?
A. Not at all. Day by day, the technology is going so good and the price amount is going so expensive that I don’t prefer buying them now. Earlier it was a different thing, yes there are facilities but you can’t just afford to pay so much money.

Q. The modern Gadgets in the market have made us rely on them completely. We have literally become dependent on them. Comment on the same?
A. We are too much dependent on gadgets right now that its like bad for us. The work which we used to do ourselves five years back now we are dependent on the gadgets for the same work.

Q. Where do you usually buy your gadgets and gizmos from? Any suggestions for our readers…
A. There is not any fixed place but yes Croma is a place where you find everything. I usually don’t waste my time, so I usually go to Croma and whatever I want to buy I can buy it from there.

–Jiya Pandit / Sampurn Media
I still don't know how to use an I-pod - Jay Bhanushali

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