I really get along very well with Vikrant Massey - Sriti Jha

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I really get along very well with Vikrant Massey - Sriti Jha Charming television actress Sriti Jha’s acting skills has been appreciated in both her on air shows, Shaurya and Suhani and Jyoti. Lets find out how the actress manages to shoot too dailies at a time and many more.

Q. How do you manage two shows at a time isn’t it hectic for you?
A. It’s not much of a problem for me to manage both the shows as both the shows are of the same production house, Sphere Origins. They schedule it really well for me and that is why it never becomes hectic for me. The time of both the serials never clashes.

Q. Which role among the two do you like playing? Which one is more like you?
A. Don’t ask this question, I am trapped. But yes, I would say Sudha is more closer to me but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like Suhani. They are both very different type of characters. Unlike me Sudha is very timid, shy and insecure. Suhani is full of life. She is more into action. She does horse riding and all and has all the emotions which a human being has. I think both the characters I play are very different but yes Suhani’s character is bit similar to my character.

Q. Don’t you get late for the shoot?
A. No, not really. I make it a point to reach on time because I like being on time and not getting late. And these people coordinate the timings among themselves so well that it rarely happens that I get late on the shoot of either of the shows.

Q. Do you like cricket do you get time to watch IPL matches?
A. First of all I don’t like cricket like every other Indian does. I am not mad about it. And I hardly get time to watch matches and whenever I get time I get so tired that I go off to sleep. But it’s so much in news and around you that you can’t escape also. On every television sets these days we only see IPL matches going on.

Q. How your life has changed after joining the television industry?
A. My life has become very busy after joining the television industry but any big change has yet not come. I am still the same old Sriti for everyone. As soon as I am out of my shoot I am same old Sriti and the best thing is that nobody recognizes me on street; very rarely people recognizes me and because of that I can be my own self.

Q. Do you like the way of working here?
A. Yes, I like the way television people work and we all really work hard. We all shoot all the thirty days a month with same energy and enthusiasm just to entertain our viewers. I know it’s a bit hectic to work in the television industry but then the people are really dedicated towards their work here. I really like this dedication towards work and even I have become much more sincere and dedicated after becoming a part of television industry.

Q. People talk about your affair with Vikrant Massey. What do you want to say about this?
A. I would like them to be more confused regarding this issue as I know people like talking about these issues. As long as I know there is nothing between us and so these rumors doesn’t affect me. Yes, I really get along very well with Vikrant and we go out every alternate day but it’s just a good friendship and nothing is cooking between us. -Sampurn Media
I really get along very well with Vikrant Massey - Sriti Jha

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