I Have Been a Huge Fan Of Saif Since i Saw Him in Dil Chahta Hai

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I Have Been a Huge Fan Of Saif Since i Saw Him in Dil Chahta Hai DEEPIKA PADUKONE tells JYOTHI VENKATESH that Kareena Kapoor is not insecure as an actress to demand that Saif should replace Deepika in Love Aaj Kal with her, just because Saif is her boy friend and Imtiaz Ali is her favorite director after Jab We Met, when he meets her at PVR Lower Parel for this interview

In what way is Love Aaj Kal different from your earlier films?
I am quiet thrilled about my next release- Love Aaj Kal , which I feel is quite different when compared to my earlier films. Love Aaj Kal will undoubtedly go down as one of the most special films for me as an actress. I could identify with my real life a lot with the character of my reel life Meera that I have played in Love Aaj Kal. . Like me, she is today’s girl. She is very grounded, sensitive and practical. In fact, I even kept on teasing Imtiaz Ali that in spite of his hectic schedule as a film maker he may have kept on following me around in order to etch a character like that of Meera for me in Love Aaj Kal, which is totally ME.

What was your reaction when Saif compared you with Rani Mukerjee?
If Saif Ali Khan compares me with an actress of the caliber of Rani Mukerjee, I think he is only being extremely polite, kind and sweet towards me. I should say that I have learnt a lot from him as a co-actor. What I like about Saif is that he is so natural. I will unabashedly state that I have been a huge fan of his right from the time I liked watching him in Dil Chahta Hai.

Isn’t it strange but true that you have always been pitted with actors older to you except for Ranbir in Bachna Ae Haseena. Do you ever feel conscious about the age difference?
To tell you the truth, though people ask me whether I was conscious because of the age difference between Shah Rukh and me in Om Shanti Om or Akshay Kumar and me in Chandni Chowk to China or for that matter Saif and me in Love Aaj Kal, all that I’d say is that I do not feel the age difference at all. On the contrary I feel secure because all my co-actors are very experienced. It is nice to be around people like these, especially for a girl like me who has absolutely no filmi background at all.

After working with Shah Rukh Khan and Ajkshay Kumar, how comfortable were you working with the chote nawab Saif Ali Khan?
Deepika admits that it was a very good experience for her working with the unit of Love Aaj Kal. “Considering that it is their first film production, I should say that Saif as well as Dinesh have done a brilliant job. Saif and Dinesh ensured that I was comfortable throughout their shoot, as producers. It is nice to have a director like Imtiaz Ali who understands my approach to acting.

Did you have any reservations about doing a hot lip to lip kiss with Saif in Love Aaj Kal just because you are in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor?
As an actress, I see to it that I am able to separate my personal life from my professional life. All of us have to move on in life. I am not a prude, though I am still conservative enough not to be in favor of getting into a love in relationship. I have never ever denied that I am into a relationship. I feel it is nice to have that one person with whom you can share everything in your life. Just because I am into a steady relationship with Ranbir, it does not mean that I am against doing any kissing or intimate scenes with any of my co-actors. I am a through professional. You do a scene some times because you feel you should do it and it is right.

How often was Saif’s girl friend Kareena Kapoor spotted on the sets?
Kareena was never on the sets even once when I was shooting with Saif, because, she is not the type of girl who is insecure about her man. Kareena knows that she is brilliant as an actress. If I were in her place, and I was not cast in my boy friend’s film, even I would have felt the same like Kareena if she felt that she should have been the leading lady opposite Saif in Love Aaj Kal and not me. Just because her boy friend is the producer of the film and Imtiaz Ali who is the director of the film is her favorite director, after she worked with him in Jab We Met, she did not demand that I should be replaced in Love Aaj Kal with her. -Sampurn Media
I Have Been a Huge Fan Of Saif Since i Saw Him in Dil Chahta Hai

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