“I feel I’m the male MALLIKA SHERAWAT” - Anant Narayan fires away

May 5th, 2009 - 12:46 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

If Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat had a “male version’, then tinsel town’s latest poster boy Anant Narayan would fit the bill perfectly – and this by no means is our claim – but the controversial actor’s self declaration.

Reportedly, after a leading national daily broke the news of an “alleged’ love affair between Anant and Minissha (Lamba), the actress has been “livid’ and “feeling the closest to what she’s ever felt to slapping someone”. Minissha even made her displeasure felt through an explosive half page interview to a leading national daily accusing Anant of being “publicity hungry’. Minissha is believed to have said, “I cannot imagine anyone stooping to such depths of desperation for publicity”.

When we quizzed the young man in question about the whole episode, Anant says, “I think it was all in very poor taste. When I first read about my “alleged’ affair with Minissha I chose to maintain a dignified silence on the issue. I consciously chose not to speak about it because I didn’t want to give that “false’, “concocted’ and “fabricated’ story any undue importance. But instead of clarifying things with me, Minissha chose to lash out at me publicly. But that’s all right. That was her way of dealing with it all. At this point, I only feel there is no bigger fan of mine than Ms. (Minissha) Lamba. She just doesn’t get tired of singing praises for me in the media. And reflecting on her accusations of me being publicity hungry, I’d like to ask Ms. Lamba who isn’t publicity hungry? The fact the celebrities hire personal publicists is because they want publicity. Even Mallika Sherawat, of whom I’m a huge fan, was accused of being publicity hungry. So in many ways, I feel I’m the male Mallika Sherawat” Anant fires away.

By Anant churning out one quotable quote after another, we feel Bollywood’s latest motor-mouth has certainly arrived. We know you second our claim. Watch this space for more. -Sampurn Media

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