I even use sunscreen before my make up - Shalini Kapoor

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I even use sunscreen before my make up - Shalini Kapoor By Jiya Pandit

Q. How would you define beauty?

A. I would define beauty as something if you are happy from inside, it reflects on your face and that is beauty.

Q. Do you like summer?

A. I don’t like summers at all. I want to run away. Infact I was telling my husband to go to Rishikesh for river rafting. The only thing good about summers is the river rafting.

Q. How do you take care of your complexion in summer?

A. I think loads and loads of watermelon is important to have, which is a very good fruit as well as a good hydrant for the skin. I always carry a bottle containing 1 liter lime juice and I keep sipping it during the shoot and again sunscreens for sure.

Q. What kind of liquids do you prefer to keep away from dehydration?

A. Watermelon juice to keep you hydrated and lime juice.

Q. What measures you take to prevent your skin from sun burn?

A. Forget about stepping out in the sun, I even use sunscreen before my make up. It’s like a base which does not let any kind of harsh light; even if you are indoors you need to protect yourself from light.

Q. Do you avoid any kind of food habits in summer?

A. Yes I avoid having oily food and fruits like mangoes.

Q. Is there any change in your fitness regime too?

A. Yes definitely, before, I used to go for power yoga, but during the summers what has happened is you start feeling very exhausted so rather following my one and a half hour practice, I prefer only half an hour in summers. I just go for walks in the evening.

Q. Which place do you prefer to chill out in Mumbai?

A. The coffee joints.

Q. Which place do you prefer to spend your summer holidays?

A. Rishikesh, I love that place and I am a very spiritually bent person so it is like two things at a same time. I can go to Haridwar which is just 20 mins away, attend the aarti and in the evening probably sit down for the aarti in Rishikesh. Normally when we go there we stay in those huts; it’s just you the hut and the moonlight, no mobiles and no lights. – Sampurn Media
I even use sunscreen before my make up - Shalini Kapoor

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