I dislike women who don’t put kajal - Vikrant Massey

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I dislike women who don't put kajal - Vikrant Massey Vikrant Massey would soon be entering Sugna’s life in Sphere Origins’s Balika Vadhu. We spoke to him about the ideal woman he would prefer in his off-screen life.

Q. What ideal qualities would you want in your woman?
A. Firstly she should live her life and let me live my life. I would love if my woman would cook Indian food for me and who is most importantly independent because I believe every woman should have her equal space. She should be intelligent and she should have really beautiful eyes. I think it all starts with the eyes. I dislike women who don’t put kajal. I think that is one beautiful Indian quality that comes out.

Q. Would you prefer a homemaker or a working woman?
A. A homemaker at the same time who is working. I absolutely don’t believe that the two are not possible. I want a woman who loves kids.

Q. Hottest getaway with her?
A. May be Venis, or Greece.

Q. Would you go for a live-in relationship if necessary?
A. I don’t think so, even if I would want to, I would think about my family. If they don’t agree, I think I have to stop myself and at the same time try to convince her that this is wrong because our culture does not permit it.

Q. How would you woo your woman?
A. I really don’t know; may be I will try to do things that she wants me to do.

Q. If you found your partner having a fling with your best friend, what would you do?
A. I will shoot both of them (laughs). I think then I would just say, my friend does not deserve my friendship and my girl does not deserve my love. They both don’t deserve me.

Q. Would you allow your future wife to wear short outfits?
A. Yes absolutely, why not. I would allow her to wear short outfits and I would also allow her to wear nothing when she is with me (laughs). But yes it also has to depend on the time, the place and the people.

Q. Are men from Mars and women from Venus?
A. No I don’t think so. I think these days men are more romantic and expressive than women and I have had my share of experiences. Men do tend to express more than women.

Q. If most women don’t like the supposed dominating nature of men, what is the one trait in women that turns you off?
A. Nagging; unnecessary nagging for stupid things that turns me off. Women should also understand that men do not say or do things because they want to be the dominating sex but at the same time there are certain things which women have to understand that men tell something and their actions say something.

Q. Your take on spineless and polygamous saas bahu men?
A. Nothing at all.
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I dislike women who don't put kajal - Vikrant Massey

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