I am very romantic and I like to give surprises - Manish Paul

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I am very romantic and I like to give surprises - Manish Paul 1. What ideal qualities would you want in your woman?
I already have my woman, and I can tell her qualities to you. The one quality is patience and the one who can take care of the house. Most importantly who can take care of me. I think I am a spoilt brat so I would want somebody who can really pamper me, take care of me and somebody who is very down to earth and who is loving too. Obviously I have got someone like that because I know her from last 23 years, that’s a long time.

2. Would you prefer a homemaker or a working woman?
I don’t mind working women, but yeah, a working woman who can take care of the house too.

3. Hottest getaway with her?
We love to go to Dubai whenever we are free because we two are really fond of shopping. Unlike men even I love shopping, I can spend hours shopping, so usually we go to Dubai otherwise we love going to Turkey.

4. Would you go for a live-in relationship if necessary?
No I don’t think so.

5. How would you woo your woman?
I am very romantic and I like to give surprises. If we go out for dinner and if I see karaoke, I might just get on to the stage and start singing for her.

6. If you found your partner having a fling with your best friend, what would you do?
I would not really appreciate that.

8. Are men from Mars and women from Venus?
I think that women can answer better, because we are not too much into the galaxies

9. IF most women don’t like the supposed dominating nature of men, what is the one trait in women that turns you off?
Loudness, I hate loud women. Women should be soft spoken. That is something which really puts me off if a woman is laughing out too loudly, shouting, and talking loudly.

10. Your take on spineless and polygamous saas bahu men?
I think they really need to get some dialogues and do something.
–Jiya Pandit / Sampurn Media
I am very romantic and I like to give surprises - Manish Paul

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