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I AM NOT THE DICTATOR IN THE REALITY SHOW SARKAR KI DUNIYA-ASHUTOSH RANA ASHUTOSH RANA tells JYOTHI VENKATESH ( who chased him all the way to the unique riverine 13.5 acres Island called Mango Island on the Kalinadi river, encircled by a string of mangroves, near Karwar in Mangalore, where the shooting of the reality show Sarkar Ki Duniya is being held) in his by now famous chaste Hindi that no drama is being staged for TRPs in the show and if at all there is a fight, it is for real.

How would you describe the show Sarkar Ki Duiniya on air on REAL?

The concept of Sarkar Ki Duniya is based on human civilization. It is quite tough for me to create a unique character for which there is no set role model. You would not believe it but the fact is that I know all the possible details of each and every person who is living in Sarkar Ki Duniya, though they are neither related to me by blood nor linked to me by way of my profession in any which way. In fact, it is necessary for me to know even their blood group and DNA, as their Sarkar.

Why did you take up the offer to anchor a reality show like Sarkar Ki Duniya?

I decided to take up the job of anchoring the show, though all my life I have never done any reality show in spite of having been offered many such shows, either as a participant or a judge, because I feel that it is a challenging reality show. What I like the best about the show is that nothing is scripted as far as the show is concerned and I am required to deal with the truth of the moment. I have to interact with 18 new but ordinary people from different walks of life in the show and make them extra ordinary in the process. I thought that the show will definitely help me develop myself as a person.

How apt do you think is the title Sarkar Ki Duniya?

Sarkar Ki Duniya is a brilliant concept. I think the name of the show Sarkar Ki Duniya is quite apt and relevant, because you use the word Sarkar for a person, status, plight or state and it is a multi dimensional word. Frankly when I was told about the title of the show, it did not strike me that Amitabh Bachchan had acted in films like Sarkar and Sarkar Raj or that a show called Sarkar was on air on Zee.

In what way is anchoring a show different from acting in a show?

When you set out to anchor a show, you need presentation skills but when you set out to portray a character in a fiction based show, you need the talent of a performer to get into the skin of the character that you essay. What I like the best about Sarkar Ki Duniya is the fact that I am required not only to perform as an anchor for the show but also anchor then show without losing the intensity of the person called Sarkar. It is precisely this quality of the show that endeared to me. It is like walking on the edge of a sword literally for there days a week.

How challenging is your task as Sarkar in the show?

Even when the Alvas of the channel REAL approached me with this offer, I found it quite interesting and challenging and hence decided to grab it. I feel that my task as Sarkar is entirely different. I feel blessed that I have been chosen for this task even as an actor. I have always been lucky enough to have got work on a platter which has been challenging.

How far is it true that you are a dictator to the 18 housemates in the show?

Let me make it very clear that Sarkar is not at all a dictator. Not only am I impartial in the garb of Sarkar, but also have the ability to convince every one in the Island that whatever task is given to them to do, I can also do quite easily.

What, according to you, is the USP of Sarkar Ki Duniya?

Without sounding to be immodest and without boasting, I’d say that it is my personality that contributes to the entire show, because in the show, I am not only a performer but also an anchor, with my own way of presentation. The biggest challenge is that I should not let the actor in me overpower the anchor in me and also vice versa.

How tough is it to play the role of Sarkar?

It is very tough to portray the role of Sarkar in Sarkar Ki Duniya because what you say is considered constitution here and hence it is imperative that you have to be quite alert so that you do not create a mistake which is considered to be not right by the 18 people who stay in the show as house mates. The show drives home the message that you should not lose patience to show your power but set out to solve a problem if you want to show your power.

What according to you is the reason why the show has been sustained?

The beauty of the show is that both the makers of the show as well as the presenter think alike. What adds to its beauty of the show is its spontaneity, because I speak whatever comes to my mind impromptu, when the camera is on.

To what extent has the channel asked you to create drama to add to the TRPs of the show?

Unlike other reality shows where I believe the element of drama is created and not real, what I like the best about Sarkar Ki Duniya is that there is absolutely no drama and if at there is some semblance of drama once in a while and there is a fight, its for real and not stage managed. -Sampurn Media

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