I am major gizmo freak - Vikrant Massey

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I am major gizmo freak - Vikrant Massey Talented and young actor Vikrant Massey from Sphere Origins’s Balika Vadhu speaks about his love for gizmos.

Q. Are you a gizmo freak?
A. I am major gizmo freak.

Q. What gadgets do you possess?
A. I have an I-pod. I have an Apple Mac book laptop. I want to buy a Mac book Pro but it is very expensive. I have a Sony PS3, PS2, a PSP, and I have a portable DVD player which I carry with me whenever I go out traveling so that I can watch films and I also want an I Phone.

Q. Which is your latest priced possession?
A. PS3.

Q. Do you think gadgets have made our lives simpler?
A. They have made our lives a lot simpler but also very complicated at the same time.

Q. Which is the one discovery (in gadgets) without which you think life would have been impossible?
A. I think its GPS unit (Global Positioning System) without it not only a common man’s life would have been impossible but also the same goes with army,navy and the air force.

Q. Where do you access your email -on phone or on the laptop?
A. On laptops and very rarely on phones.

Q. How important is it to be techno savvy in today’s world?
A. I don’t think it is very important to be techno savvy. I don’t think if you are not techno savvy you are laid back. I don’t believe in that concept. It is possible that a common man who does not know how to use a laptop but still he can get his things done. It is good if you are educated in terms of technology.

Q. There are a lot of complicated gadgets, and they are expensive too. What do you have to say about them?
A. Nothing. I don’t have to say anything about it, they are expensive then reduce the price, if it’s complicated then make it simpler and if it’s too complicated then I don’t care.

Q. Do you think the whopping prize tag a gadget has today in the market is justified?
A. I think yes and common middle class people do not have access to such gadgets. Some gadgets are very important in life and from the manufacturers point of view, everything is business oriented. Keeping the common man in mind, I think the price tag for necessities should come down, where as in terms of luxuries the higher class can afford it.

Q. The modern Gadgets in the market have made us rely on them completely. We have literally become dependent on them. Comment on the same?
A. That is very much true, we do tend to forget at times that we are the ones who have made those gadgets. They have made us lazy and grow in terms of intellect, where we can just type Google and surf and know a lot of things about the world. I believe a lot of field work and activity should be involved in everyone’s life.

Q. Where do you usually buy your gadgets and gizmos from? Any suggestions for our readers…
A. I go to Croma. It is one very good place.
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I am major gizmo freak - Vikrant Massey

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