I am a hard core non-vegetarian - Maninee De

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I am a hard core non-vegetarian - Maninee De Q. Are you a complete foodie or do you watch what you eat?
A. I am not foodie at all and always watch what I eat.

Q. Your favorite cuisine – Continental/Oriental/Indian/ anything else…
A. It would be Oriental. I also love Japanese, Mangolian and Thai food.

Q. What would you prefer-Home-made food (Ghar Ka Khana) or outside food?
A. Any day, it is home made food.

Q. Your preference- Veg or non veg food?
A. I am a hard core non-vegetarian. I like sea food.

Q. Drink you like to gulp in along with your food?
A. I don’t drink anything with food.

Q. Your favorite beverage?
A. Umm…! In non alcoholic would be juices. I like fresh juice.

Q. Any hard-drinks that you take? If yes, what are the brands that you prefer?
A. I like whisky. I like Jack Daniels and I also enjoy different French wines.

Q. What about junk food?
A. I am not much of a junk foodie. I like to hang out in Subway.

Q. Your favorite fast food joint?
A. My favorite fast food joint would be Sub Way because it is healthy.

Q. Favorite restaurant/ eating joint which you think is a must visit by all and sundry?
A. I think China House is nice.

Q. Your take on diet and health food?
A. I think it is essential what you eat to live a healthy life. It should be a balanced and healthy diet and one should not starve rather they should eat sensibly.

Q. Which would be that one dish which you will not be able to resist?
A. Khausuey, it’s a Burmish dish.
-Jiya Pandit /Sampurn Media
I am a hard core non-vegetarian - Maninee De

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