Hulk Hogan’s wife wants him jailed over Condo installments

June 12th, 2008 - 9:18 pm ICT by David M N James  

Hulk HoganEstranged wife of wrestle mania sensational Terry Bollea Linda Bollea wants Hogan put in prison.

Linda is asking a Florida judge to sentence Bollea for allegedly not paying his share of a $4.2 million Las Vegas condo. Linda is dating a 19 year old boy friend and Hogan is dating a lady who looks like his daughter renowned Jennifer. If the judge adheres to the call, Hogan will be held in contempt of court and jailed until he pays.

A court order requires them to share the purchase of the condo at The Palms hotel and spa and Hogan jumped the deal and refused to pay. Linda wants Hogan confined in cells where their son is being jailed causing a car crash that left his friend badly injured.

Hogan is a successful wrestler and has starred gallantly in various wrestling and movies. He made a great star in the movie ‘Assault in the devils Island’ and has been a strong role model in modern wrestling videos. He is reputed and popular among wrestling fans but is lately on the spot over various scandals like dating a girl who is almost as his young daughter, his wife’s 19 year old boyfriend, his jailed son and a car crash that left him and his daughter shaken.

Hogan is getting bad publicity and worse, now that he is not obliging to contracts and deals with his wife, he is bad boy and soon he will get that ugly smear.

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