How Does David Blaine Levitate?

June 20th, 2009 - 3:36 am ICT by GD  

David Blaine People watching David Blaine perform on television this week were brought to wonder how the street magician actually performs his Levitation trick. Can he really levitate, or is it just a trick of illusion that he is creating for his audience.

The famed magician is getting featured on the TLC show that is dedicated to him called the “David Blaine: Street Magic”. On the show Blaine performs all his famous and well known tricks on unsuspecting passersby on the street. Videos of the same are abundantly available on the YouTube too.

Some critics unabashedly put down the magician’s skills by claiming that Blaine actually does not actually levitate. He is not a practiced mystical power user and therefore does not know or possess any yogic ability. All he does, as the harshest of the critics say, is perform a trick and an illusion which is then further amplified by the able graphic editors and the camera crew in the post production stage. Many have labeled him as another Houdini.

There is also an ebook available online that divulges quite a bit of information on the magic performed by David Blaine. The book has the title “David Blaine Magic Revealed”. The book and also some videos available online, give out the actual picture of how to levitate. So, all Blaine levitation enthusiasts can now hope to levitate like the magician.

So how does Blaine levitate? It is a simple feat of just disguising your movements. All one has to do is raise up on one foot, all the while supported by the other toe. Balance and practice will be the only way to perfect the trick. The supporting toe has to be hidden by three things, the shade of the other foot, the shoes and the trousers. With all these mastered, one can actually levitate.

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