Hollywood Flops Of The Year: An Unpredictable Year

December 24th, 2010 - 9:07 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

December 24, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Hollywood flicks have been quite a big draw this year with great openings for most who did manage to hit the jackpot. Yet, there have been certain misses too with many big banners flicks not doing as well as expected.

So which are the flicks that did not do so well?

The first one on the list of misses or flops would be none other than- Extraordinary Measures. This flick by CBS had an amazing star cast of Harrison Ford and Brenden Fraser, but it failed to draw the audiences to theaters.Thus it was more of a squib and a not so good flick on the commercial front.

Then there was Repo Men from Universal Pics. The movie had Jude Law in a daring role. It was nowhere near the 1984 classic and was also a squib at the box office with an estimated $18 million collection out of the total $32 million that had gone into its making.

Jonah Hex with Megan Fox in the lead was yet another big flop of the year which could not entice audiences enough to be drawn to theaters however great the flick might have been hyped to be.

Yet another flick to be thrown into the flops bin was Pilgrims vs.The World. This was a Universal churn out but it could not create the magic at the box office and hardly had the cash registers ringing loud.

Well with even big banner flicks not doing so well this year has been quite an unpredictable one.

– Niky Sharma / Sampurn Wire

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