High hopes at the premiere of ‘I survived a Japanese Game Show’

June 25th, 2008 - 4:15 pm ICT by David M N James  

ABC showed the debut of the hit program, ‘I survived a Japanese game show’.

Ten contestants traveled to Japan to start the first season of the reality show. According to ABC sources ‘they’ll go where no reality show has gone before, competing in a foreign land on the wacky game shows from the Land of the Rising Sun.

In the end, one will get $250,000 and the prestige of being a Japanese Game Show veteran. Those who traveled in the premiere included Cathy, 21, from Staten Island, Justin, 24, from Alabama, and Ben, the oldest aged 44, Darcy, 31, a single mom from Idaho.

Bilenda, Olga, Andrew, and Meagan, Donnell who is doing it for his wife and baby and a red head Mary’s. Japanese people are just disgusted by the fact that, none of these contestants are lovers of Japanese TV stuff. None is a fun of Japanese game shows or the culture. All seemed excited and they seemed annoyed with the people, the culture, and the country as a whole. It was a shame for the Japanese game show.

The groups lead and guide is a stoic Tony Soto who is with them on transit from Los Angeles for the adventure of a lifetime. The contestants will be living in a suburb in Tokyo, and had culture shock as they tried Japanese snacks and toilets which are remote controlled.

Their house help is Mama-san. This is the house mother, a traditional Japanese helper who rules the roost and relentlessly reminds them “I’m not your Mama!” Unlike most reality shows, this one is all about adventure in a very traditional land and the unique Japanese culture. The ABC show which premiered yesterday on ABC has an official website with details of the contest. There will be eliminations and this of course will take toll on these fellas.

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