Heroes Season 4 Episode 15 : Closer to You

January 12th, 2010 - 8:51 pm ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

By Angela Kaye Mason
Heroes star Hayden Panettiere Jan 11 (THAINDIAN NEWS) You may remember last weeks “Heroes” when Hiro was finally getting through to Ando, Claire found out what lies had been told to her about Nathan, Syler is watching Claire through her window, and much more which can be found in my review of last week’s show here….

As this show opens, Lauren and Noah are arguing because Lauren feels that he should make up with Claire in order to use her compass to find the carnival.

Samuel talks to Lydia and asks her to be on his side, to help him realize all their dreams. Lydia points out that they are his dreams, not theirs. He tells her that he has waited a long while to finally bring Vanessa and the time has finally come. Lydia tells her daughter that if they are to survive, that they will need a new leader, a man that even Samuel himself said could be the next Joseph. Her daughter says, “Well maybe you can call him.” “Well maybe I can,” Lydia answered, and then she closed her eyes and started to concentrate. We then could see Peter, laying in bed asleep, and his eyes suddenly open as the compass tattoo on his arm starts to spin.

Noah visits Matt and tells him that he had left 5 messages, and needs his help with a man named Samuel. Matt doesn’t really want to help, after the last time that he did. Noah explains that Samuel Sullivan is a very bad man who is trying to recruit Claire.

Hiro is being committed and Ando tries to slow the process down enough to understand what Hiro is saying. As Hiro passes Ahmadi’s door, he yells to Ando “Watson Watson” telling Ando to free Dr, Watson. Ando uses his power to unlock the doors to get to Ahmadi.

Noah and Matt went to meet Vanessa. She denied knowing him, but Noah told her that they had pictures of the two of them together, so they are aware that she knows Samuel. Matt “pushes” into her thoughts and makes her want to talk to them. She says that she needs to talk to someone, she is worried about Samuel.

Peter is walking along, and hears the cello which Emma was playing. He goes up to her apartment, and she lets him in. Peter asks Emma about Samuel, after she tells him that Samuel gave her the cello. He tells her that Samuel gave him a fake name, and she shows him the compass. Peter tells Emma that she should stay away from Samuel, because he is a bad man. Emma acts as if Peter is wrong and he tries to tell her why he says that Samuel is bad. Angela walks in and acts very snooty to Emma, asking “Peter what is that woman doing here?” So Emma left.

Vanessa shares with Noah how it was, growing up with Samuel, that his parents lived on her families’ land. She said that she never noticed that his family was poor and hers was rich when they played together as children. He showed up in her room one night when she was in college, and then he asked her to marry him and run off to his carnival. She was getting her music career at Yale and could not go. She said since Joesph died, Sam had been showing up more and more sounding obsessed. Noah asked Vanessa to call Samuel.

Hiro explains to Ando, in his fairytale language, that Ahmadi has been drugged and needs to be brought back. Ando switches Ahmadi’s drugs when the orderly isn’t looking, but had to swallow the pills when the orderly turns around…not good.

Samuel shows up with Vanessa, but Eli is there to stop both Noah and Matt. Samuel takes Vanessa, and then causes the earth to break apart in front of Noah, as Samuel vanishes. Matt shows up with the car, but it is too late, Samuel and Vanessa are gone. Noah is tracking her cellphone however, so the chase is on.

Angela explains to Peter that Vanessa was going to kill thousands of people with her cello, and that Peter cannot save her. Peter asked her if anyone else can, but she refused to answer him, and told him that dreaming the future was not a gift.

Hiro knocks at Ahmadi’s door, and wakes him. No longer drugged, Ahmadi breaks free, and Hiro helps him to escape. Ahmadi cannot understand anything Hiro is saying, but he goes along with him. They put Ando in a wheelchair (remember he is drugged) and run. All of the orderlies begin to run toward them, but Ando opens the door with his electric powers again.

Noah and Matt show up in the field, and the signal says that they are there. The carnival is gone, and Noah tells Matt that somehow they have to find the carnival. Matt argues with him, just as Lauren did, that he needs to stop burning his bridges, that if he could talk to Claire, he could use her compass. Noah refuses. Back at Matt’s place, they argue over whether or not they will leave Samuel alone. Matt does not want to pursue it any farther, but Noah cannot let it go. Noah leaves as Matt is preparing dinner.

Peter has a dream, where he sees Emma playing the cello, and crying as people scream. At the end, he sees Syler come to her, and say “Don’t worry, I’ll save you.” He then went to her apartment, and shattered her cello. As he tried to explain why, she kicks him out. She sits looking at the cello and crying alone in the dark.

Ahmadi is angry with Hiro for getting him locked up. Ando tries to explain to him that Hiro is not okay, that his brain is fried. The hunters force them to run deeper into the woods. Ahmadi convinces Ando to use his “red lightening” to do a type of electro-shock therapy on Hiro, which brings Hiro back!

Noah finally goes to Claire’s dorm, and tells her that he is not there to try to talk her out of being mad at him. She asked why he is there, and he tells her that he had been thinking about bridges, that connect him to the people and things in his life that he cared about, and how he had been burning them all, and hoped that he had not burned it with her. She told him that she was late for something, and that maybe they could talk later, and shut the door.

Matt is sitting at the table with his wife and baby, and asked “Do you think I am a coward? I think I am a coward.. I had the worst guy in the world living in my head and when I got him out, I didn’t do anything about the problems that I have caused.”His wife said, “Matt you have a family, you have to be here for us and let the rest of it be, there is nothing cowardly about looking after your family, you belong here with us, okay?” Matt responded, “Okay.”

Vanessa is at the carnival with Samuel, and she tell him that she wants t go home. He tells her that the day she arrived was supposed to be perfect, but Noah got in her head, and he had to protect her from Noah. “By kidnapping me?” He said “I wouldn’t say that.” Vanessa points out that he won’t let her leave, and that is kidnapping. Samuel says that he has one perfect thing to show her and if she still isn’t happy, he will take her right back to California.

Lauren shows up at Noah’s apartment. He tells her that he cares for her more than he wants to admit, and it is complicated. “I know,” she says, “Just don’t do it again.” They start to kiss, and suddenly…POOF… Hiro, Ando, and Ahmadi are suddenly in Noah’s apartment. “Oh, you have company, sorry to barge in,” Hiro stutters. “Hello boys,” Noah says, as they all wave at him…..to be continued

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