Heroes Season 4 Episode 12 - The Fifth Stage

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By Angela Kaye Mason,
Heroes Season 4, Episode 11 As Heroes Season 4 Episode 12 begins, Lydia tells Samuel that she knows the truth, but that she has a daughter to raise, and so his secret is safe with her. Samuel then asks Eli, since Joseph is gone, will he be his right hand man. Eli agrees while multiplying himself. Samuel tells Eli he wants him to retrieve Noah’s files from his apartment.

Meanwhile, back at Noah’s apartment, Lauren shows up for their date. While she is there, Noah realizes the compass is gone and that Claire has taken it. He calls Claire and leaves a voice mail for her to please call him back as soon as she gets the voice mail. Lauren volunteers to help by using Claire’s cellphone GPS to locate her. She doesn’t seem to be anywhere, but we see a scene of them arriving at the carnival.

Angela and Peter are at the hospital, and Peter tells his mother that he is going to find Nathan and take Syler out once and for all. Angela begs him to think about what he is doing and asks,”What if there is not enough left of Nathan to save?” Peter answers, “Well then I ill just have to settle for my revenge.”"

Claire hesitates when they first reach the carnival, because she is afraid of running into Becky, who may try to hurt Gretchen. Just then, Samuel sees them and walks up saying,” I am so glad you could make it.” He goes on to tell her that it can look a little scary from the outside, but “you’ll get used to it”. He gives them both (Claire and Gretchen) a box of popcorn and asks them to make a deal: They stay until the popcorn is gone, walk around on their own and meet his family. When the popcorn is gone, he will walk them back to their car. They agree. Claire then walks into Lydia’s tent. Lydia tells Claire to ask a question, and then hold Lydia’s hand. “Like a crystal ball?” Claire asks. “Something like that,” Lydia answers.

She asks the question, “Am I supposed to be here?” A tattoo starts to form on Lydia back, which shows Claire with a banner that says ,”

“Indestructible Girl”. “So I am supposed to be a circus show?” Claire asks. ” This isn’t your future Claire,” Lydia answers, “its your desire.”

Peter is in an elevator when a woman grabs him by the throat and throws him, and she then turns into Syler. Peter’s syringes, which he has hidden in a bag to use against Syler. “You shouldn’t have, you really shouldn’t have,” Syler says. “I am pretty disappointed in you, planning to syringe me in the neck with drugs, Didn’t you try that last time?” Peter then hits Syler with a two by four and tells him that he has taken the  Asian friend’s ability. He hits Syler again and again saying “Gimme my brother back!” “He’s dead , Peter , I should know,” Syler answers him, “What are you gonna do, beat him out of me?” “Something like that,” Peter answers. He then nail guns Syler to the floor. He agrees to let Syler up and let him heal if Syler will let Nathan return, body and soul. He puts his hands on Syler’s head and says that he will take away everything that is Syler until there is nothing but Nathan left.

Claire and Gretchen, at the carnival, watch as a carnival worker causes a man, who is being a jerk, to lose at ball throwing, and then lets a little girl win. Gretchen feels that this is wrong, but Claire disagrees.  Gretchen is ready to leave, but Claire agrees to stay and see where the carnies live when Sam invites them.

Noah explains to Lauren that they once had a relationship, but that she got the Haitian to wipe her memory when she decided to leave him. While he is telling her this, Eli shows up, and multiplies himself in order to get into the apartment and take Noah’s files.

Claire and Gretchen sit in during story time, while Samuel tells a bedtime story to the kids of the carnival. Doyle walks up and tells Claire how great it is to live with the carnival where he can “be himself”. He then asks her to stay for a while so that he can talk to her about all of this. She agrees.Claire is then nominated by Samuel to tell the next story. When she finishes, a little girl hugs her and Samuel says, “They love you.” The jerk from before, who lost money at the baseball toss, suddenly shows up, yelling at Samuel about being cheated. He claims the game was rigged. He then punches Samuel, and Samuel refuses to fight back. Claire defends him, and Samuel smiles behind her as the guy cuts her face, and she lets him see it heal, as she tells him, “You can’t hurt us.” The guy runs away.

Peter heals Nathan, and they walk outside, remembering when they were here before, when Peter was on the ledge asking about their father’s depression. Nathan does not look good. He keeps telling Peter that he is tired and cannot fight anymore, that Syler is killing him. “I’m sorry, Pete.” he says and jumps over the ledge. Pete catches his hand and he tells him to let go. “I can’t” says Pete. Nathan then tells Pete, ” Carry on for both of us, fight the good fight, take care of Mom and Claire, you can do anything Pete, just remember that. I love you.” Pete answers, ” I love you too, ” and lets go. Nathan falls, fluctuating into a smiling Syler on the way down, and crashes on top of a car, gets up, as Syler, and walks away waving.

Samuel explains to Claire that they aren’t that different and that it is time for her to do some soul searching. He informs her that she is welcome to stay and do that at the carnival until school starts back if she wishes. She tells Gretchen that she is going to stay and Gretchen understands. Lydia tells Samuel that she doesn’t know if Claire will be worth all the trouble he spent to get her, but Samuel says that it isn’t Claire he is after. As Gretchen drives off, you see the dead body of the guy from the ball toss in the back of a truck.

The show ends with Samuel explaining to the carnies that they must gather everyone, and then,m they can come back to the place they are standing, and build a permanent home.

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