Heroes Season 3 Episode 3 makes whip whoops!!

October 1st, 2008 - 8:06 pm ICT by David M N James  

Dogged by controversy about the direction and flow of the story, Heroes is making inroads where it didn’t previously.

Stars in the episode like Angela Petrelli, have been the prime attraction of the story. Previously, Angela starred in her role as a personality with dire needs as themed in the storyline. In the previous two seasons she has been presented as an acerbic personality, but hardly lethal. But in episode three, Angela has made significant leaps towards a different personality which hardly requires attention to assess and think of, but a lethal and utterly astounding one. This is depicted in merely a space of the first five minutes of episode three where we find her transformed into a narcissistic sociopath, feeding her ‘son’ Sylar who is a character portrayed as another victim and another power.

In this episode the present is that, Peter’s mind was trapped in the body of another. On screen, see Peter, but in reflections you see the body he’s inhabiting. But his super-powered villain personality is less of a fluid story telling technique. It’s too rapid a development and will pit future pit between a rock and a hard place. He’s now part of a bank robbery with three other super-villains, while Noah and Sylar are dispatched to get them all back. Noah seems stunned by this teaming. Then we find out that Tracy Strauss comes across the funeral of identical Niki Saunders. There is also a very very confused Micah. Micah leds Tracy Strauss a hand to find the connection between his dead mother and herself using his computing powers and they discover that the doctor that delivered them both was Dr. Zimmerman. Certainly this too much of hullabaloo, I don’t see a consistent flow in this thing at all. The recommendation is, Kring should structure the whole thing since its surely unfocused and fragmented, too much characters, so many weird roles and inconsistent, rapid developments that cant ad up to entertainment.

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