Here’s how Rowling is rolling back the years

November 14th, 2007 - 2:03 am ICT by admin  
When pics of Rowling were shown to two leading plastic surgeons, both said that though the author had certainly not gone under the knife, she was not only benefiting from some great make-up, but perhaps also from a little laser treatment.

“If you look at her eyelids, she still has this huge flap on skin in the new shots which was there in the old ones,” the Daily Mail quoted Dr Alex Karidis, as saying.

“You would have thought that had she had something down to her face, she certainly would have had that done. The nose-to-mouth lines she has are also quite deep still. She may well have had skin treatment like lasers or skin-peels. But the main thing to say here is that she is wearing a tremendous amount of make-up.”

The second, Dr Lucy Glancey said: “I do not think the treatments are surgical. I am sure that fillers have been injected here.

“First, in the tear troughs in the corner of the eyes which reduce the baggy-look of the eyes. It’s like having an eye lift. She has had cheek augmentation injections and also injections in the nose-to-mouth lines.

“I would say she has also had a chemical peel to get that great smooth skin. It’s difficult to tell whether she has had botox or not.”

However, a pal of the author gave an insight into just what has her glowing nowadays.

“She does not have a personal trainer but is extraordinarily disciplined and self-motivated, jogging and doing yoga and pilates at home. She has been known to do upto three hours a day,” the pal said.

“She used to have fry-ups in the morning, to drink and swill back coffee.

“She would be heavier and her skin was worse and her eyes were not so bright, she felt lethargic.

“Now she says she feels a million dollars.

“She has cut out all saturated fats, E-numbers and red meat from her diet. She has cut right back on drink but will have a glass of champagne at an event. And she also just loves to dance.

“She may have had a bit of botox - who hasn’t after all. And she is also keen on non-surgical face-lifts called caci treatments - which is basically putting electrical current through the skin on your face to stimulate the muscles.

“But the main thing for her is that she believes in good make-up, applied professionally.” (ANI )

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