Hello, Dexter Morgan!

December 7th, 2009 - 10:27 pm ICT by Aishwarya Bhatt  

hello dexter Los Angeles, Dec 7 (THAINDIAN NEWS) The 4th season of Dexter is about to end and the show is picking up speed and the thrills are aplenty in this show. There are the very agile and passionate Debra’s investigating skills, which are about to just nail the Trinity Killer. Debra’s dogged investigative skills might also blow the lid off Dexter’s clandestine and deadly side job.

In the show, Dexter is watching the questioning and is mighty worried that Christine would give up the tell tale clues and keep Dexter bereft from killing the serial murderer.

Trinity watches on TV that Dexter choose not to report him to the police. He is mighty surprised that this development and has no option but to call Dexter and enquire about his wants. Dexter responds that he wants 50 grand or else he’ll tell everyone who Arthur Miller really is.

Debra has a gut feeling that Christine knows something but isn’t divulging it. But Quinn doesn’t share her feeling. However they get a search warrant for Christine’s apartment just to make sure.

Towards the end of the episode Christine confesses to shooting Debra and Lundy and then shoots herself too. Trinity is also on Dexter’s tail and he spots his photograph competing for the Homicide bowling team. Trinity roams through the department, meets Dexter, looks at his identity card and there he says “Hello, Dexter Morgan.”

The season finale of Dexter is expected to wrap things up, but how will it end? Now, Trinity has an upper hand, i.e. he knows Dexter’s true identity. Will he use Dexter’s family as leverage against him? or as usual will Dexter triumph and kill Trinity?

hello dexter

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