Hanif Hilal injures his leg badly while rehearsing

March 30th, 2009 - 6:56 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Hanif Hilal injures his leg badly while rehearsing Gauhar Khan’s partner and choreographer Hanif Hilal injured himself badly while rehearsing in Jhalak house.

We spoke to Hanif to confirm the news. He said, “Yes, that’s true. I injured myself at Jhalak House on Thursday late night while performing a dance move. It so happened that Gauhar and I were practicing for Jugal Bandi round, which has two songs involved in it. I was doing a special song, which involved quick movements of arms and legs. In that process I had to jump a wall, which I did, and then thrash landed on my leg. You will not believe what I am going to say but I saw my leg getting dislocated from my thighs. I am still wondering how it is in one piece. My ligament is badly damaged and that might require a surgery to happen”.

Hanif did perform the dance later, almost on one leg, as he said he did not want to let Gauhar down.

On speaking to Gauhar, the model said, “Yes it all happened in front of my eyes. I really hope Hanif makes a quick recovery.

Nobody knows what will happen next to the team of Gauhar and Hanif. Will there be a replacement or something. Lets wait and watch and we hope that Hanif will make a quick recovery soon. – Sampurn Media
Hanif Hilal injures his leg badly while rehearsing

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