Hallyday Will Not Go Back To France

March 4th, 2009 - 12:08 am ICT by GD  

Johny Hallyday Yesteryears’ French rock star Johnny Hallyday has said he will not leave Switzerland even if the country abolishes attractive tax breaks for the super-rich.

Hallyday said, “I don’t mind paying taxes, but there is a limit. I was paying more than 70 per cent (of my income in France). With what I’ve paid over my lifetime, I would have been able to support several families for generations.” He said he now paid around $755,000 in taxes to the Swiss government but had to pay millions to the French government earlier.

He had applied for a Belgian citizenship earlier but when his request was turned down in 2006 he moved permanent residency to Gstaad, Switzerland, taking advantage of its low-level taxation rate. Hallyday had been one of the many foreigners settled in Switzerland and the tax rates have benefited them for years. Things may change now as several Swiss states now plan to move for abolishing the lucrative tax breaks. In Zurich a February poll decided to scrap the break. The veteran rock star said any changes in his local area in Switzerland will not be enough to force him outside the country.

He added, “If it changes, it changes. I won’t sell my chalet. Aside from all money issues, I like it here, I live in Switzerland…when I’m not working. But I work a lot.” He admitted to not spending too much time in Switzerland because he also keeps a home in Los Angeles for “professional activities” and his wife Laeticia is the registered owner of their Paris residence.

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