Guinness records holder to make Tamil film in 12 days

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By Gurmukh Singh
Toronto, May 2 (IANS) With 53 Guinness world records already under his belt, Toronto-based Suresh Joachim has now set his sights on Bollywood. Next month, he will land in India to create yet another record - making a full-length film in just 12 days. “Yes, a two-hour film in 12 days because the current Guinness record is held by ‘The Fastest Forward’, which was made by Russ Malkin and John Gore in just 13 days in 1990,” Joachim, the second highest Guinness record holder, told IANS.

“Mine is a Tamil film which will be shot in Chennai. Everything - from scriptwriting to shooting to editing to the censors’ approval to the launch - will be completed in 12 days,” said the 39-year-old Sri Lankan-born Tamil.

The man, whose records include the longest karaoke marathon (25 hours, 49 minutes), the longest radio broadcast (120 hours), the longest time standing on one foot (76 hours, 40 minutes), the longest watching of TV (69 hours) and the longest ironing (55 hours, five minutes), said: “I will be the hero of this yet-to-be-named film which will have six top Tamil stars.”

He said the film will be shot and released in December.

“But I am going to India next month to meet Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi and leading Tamil stars for their cooperation. I have sponsors and backers to help complete this project,” said Joachim who set his first Guinness record of 1,000 hours of running in Colombo in 1996.

Canada’s top record breaker said he will not sleep during the days when his film is shot.

“Since I will act as the hero, I take a five-hour rest for five to seven days. During the remaining seven days, I will not sleep at all to see the film through to its Guinness record.”

Joachim said it will be launched immediately after its production as the “censors’ clearance will come via email.”

Within a week, he said, the film will be released in other countries.

“And I will take it to the Oscars. After this film, I will regularly produce a Guinness record breaking movie every six months over the next 20 years. My next movie will break the record of 65 costumes in the film ‘Evita’.

“Then I will do a Hindi movie having a record 21 directors. And I have already lined up a Hollywood movie in which I will act in 35 different roles. I am a stay-at-home dad-cum-professional record breaker and I watch over 400 films every year, so I have ideas,” he said.

A trained chartered accountant who left his native Sri Lanka for Australia in 1998 and moved to Canada in 2003 after meeting his future wife at his Guinness record-breaking radio broadcast in Toronto declared that he wanted to create 500 Guinness records over the next 20 years.

“The current Guinness record holder is 54-year-old New Yorker Ashrita Furman who has set 187 records. I will surpass him in the next five years.”

Joachim’s other Guinness records include: the most bridesmaids (79) and groomsmen (47) at a wedding; the longest drumming marathon (84 hours); the fastest time to crawl a mile (23 minutes, 45 seconds); the longest time in a rocking chair (74 hours); the longest Elvis Presley impersonation (54 hours); and the longest distance run with a 4.5 kg brick in an ungloved hand and in an uncradled downward position (126.67 km).

Joachim credits yoga and meditation for his feats. “Everything is in your mind. Once you make up your mind, you can break records. That’s how I decided to set records in 1991 after reading the Guinness Book of World Records, given to me by an uncle.

“More than breaking world records, I perform these feats to raise money for charities to alleviate child poverty. Though I have been to many countries to break Guinness records, now I will run a peace marathon through rich countries to raise money for charities,” he said.

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