Grey’s Anatomy: Love changes everything

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By Anita Thomas

An elderly couple reunites at the hospital after over 50 years. Betty and Henry tell their stories to the doctors while being treated separately admitting they have never stopped loving each other even thought they married other people, who are now deceased. Their stories have the doctors at Seattle Grace thinking about their own lives and relationships. Meredith insinuates to Yang that feelings might still be there with Owen and Teddy. Christina begs Grey to tell her what she knows, but Grey cannot due to her confidentiality with Derek. Filled with guilt for not being able to tell Christina she instead goes to Owen and forces him to talk to Christina about his feelings for Teddy. While Yang and Owen are discussing Teddy’s presence in the hospital they discover she has been listening.

Haley (Demi Lovato) a teenage patient brought to Seattle Grace fo r trying to claw her own eyes out puts her trust in Alex to help her. Scans and test results show no indications to what may be causing her suicidal tendencies. Dr. Karev refuses to give up on her and promises to help her. Alex consults with Lexi his now confirmed girlfriend, who also just happens to be walking computer about his patient. Lexi informs him about a June 1998 medical issue journal that diagnoses the same symptoms Haley possess. After running more tests Alex has come to a conclusion and informs her parents she is not crazy, surgery for Haley is successful.

Alex Karev confesses to Lexi Grey that they are officially “a thing.” Callie knows Lexi still has feelings for Mark Sloan and Mark for Lexi, having Callie explain to Sloan he needs to fight for the one he loves.

Bailey has found her match and possibly a new love interest. Sloan proposes to Lexi who tells him she is Alex, Arizona and Callie kiss then Arizona walks away and Christina tells Grey she is not moving in with Owen.

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