Great Expectations: Yash Raj Films bites the dust?

February 6th, 2010 - 3:48 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Feb 5, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Yash Raj films has come up with a weekend slot of 5 shows named ‘Seven’, ‘’, ‘Mahi Way’, ‘Lift Kara De’ and ‘Powder’. These shows promised to provide complete entertainment and refreshing change from the usual melodramas with their distinct looks, fresh, contemporary and engaging story lines. As said by YRF everything was fulfilled by the banner, but it seems that the mojo is lacking as the TRPs of the serial are just average, in regard to the prestigious banner they are coming from.

As far as films are concerned YRF is juggernaut in the business from the top actors to distributors, YRF calls the shots. But the territory of television is to be treaded on carefully, even by the giants. Making a big entry in the television market with not one or two but five serials simultaneously, YRF wanted to flood the market, but it seems that with a plummeting TRP, YRF is taking a note. There may be many reasons for the dipping TRPs of YRF serials, even though all the five shows have there distinct style, but they have failed to give the audience what they actually want and miss the “x’ factor that can grip the audience in weekends.

According to the TRP rating chart, serials except “Lift Kara De’ and “Mahi Way’ are witness dipping TRPs. “Lift Kara De’ is hosted by Karan Johar, in the show a Bollywood superstar is invited and they meet their biggest fan. On the other hand “Mahi Way’ is based on the character of funny, ambitious young girl with a different persona who wants everything in her life just like any other girl. Both these serials appeal to the audience because Bollywood stars and their personal life make interesting dinner table conversation, the same goes for “Mahi Way’. Viewers want something gossipy and juicy that hooks them over the weekend. YRF’s other shows “Seven’, “’ and “Powder’ deal with grim or sensitive issues and are not light hearted entertainment on the lines of “Lift Kara De’ and “Mahi Way’.

Audiences watch television on weekends to relax their mind and not to entangle their grey cells in gritty drama that is hard to keep track of after a week’s lapse. Viewers over the weekend are mostly working class people who look for one off shows, a special perhaps, which wrap up the story in a singular episode and don’t spill over to the other day or episode. Even with all the technical expertise like high picture quality cameras used in filmmaking for their daily soaps YRF has failed to impress and engage audience. Either that, or viewers are missing the regular “saas bahu’ and “mirch masala’ in the shows, which has resulted in the disappointment of YRF banner. As after all to catch the pulse of the television audience is no easy job for even Ekta Kapoor the czarina of television.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Wire

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