Graham Bunn stuns the bachelorette De Anna

June 25th, 2008 - 4:11 pm ICT by David M N James  

Graham Bunn stuns the bachelorette De AnnaGraham Bunn, a professional basketball player who is actually retired German pro baler and Appalachian St Mountaineer is trying to console De Anna Pappas a female in the popular reality show, ‘the bachelorette’ Bunn stars in the reality show and is an attractive male who has roused the faint hearts of millions of women who watch the show. Graham dumped De Anna and was told her “You did what you thought you needed to do… so this is goodbye, forever,” in the running season of the Bachelorette. DeAnna eliminated him at the Rose Ceremony that followed DeAnna’s hometown visits with the four men that were still in the running to receive her final rose. He has accused Anna of trying to use him. He decided to do away with any further relationship and accused her of attempting to “make it easier on herself” De Anna was shocked beyond words and additionally frustrated about Graham’s non-emotional reaction to his elimination making her to angrily vent further.

The bachelor was not amused by the bachelorette and was non committal. He remained stoic and principled. He has been starring in the bacherolette and seemed like the right candidate for the eventual scoop. However, the feeling for him by De Anna might have infrutiated him and her eventual eliminating him from the contest might have led to him looking at her differently. She was emotionally and she said that “Believe me; this is not easy on me Graham! You have no idea what I’ve been going through the last few days. You have no idea. You have no idea how hard it was to walk down there and stand there and call out those three names and you stand there swaying back and forth and smiling. You have no idea how hard that was! I can not be with someone who can not open up to me, that can’t deal with problems in a relationship, that can’t talk about things,” Graham remained un amused by her and he simply told her that “Obviously you don’t see in me what you need to continue on, so your decision is easy now,” He showed very little signs of anger at his elimination. He is one of a kind

De Anna tried words and she told him “You don’t get why it’s not — because I care deeply for you, I have true, genuine feelings and all I wanted was you to be that person in the end and open up and truly let your guard down and see what this could have been. But you couldn’t do that. I am saying goodbye to the one person I thought I was falling in love with, that’s how hard this is for me,” DeAnna told Graham as she began crying. “Because the one person that I let my guard down [to] and was falling for was not doing the same to me and I can’t take the chance that in the end I would be standing there and you wouldn’t choose me in return. When you leave, it ends here.” Graham remains an enigmatic bachelor who turned the tables at the reality show.

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