‘Gone In 90 Seconds’: Mikelle Biggs Still Hasn’t Come Home

May 16th, 2009 - 7:53 pm ICT by GD  

10 years after it happened, the heart-wrenching case of the missing little girl from Mesa, Arizona, who never made it home, continues to be baffling to the police and community members alike. No suspect, no witnesses, no evidence….no clue. In the afternoon of January 2, 1999, the 11 year-old sixth-grader had run out from her home at the sound of an ice-cream truck. 90 seconds later, she was gone. She vanished without a trace. A neighborhood search-party formed soon after, yielded no clue as to the whereabouts of the lost little girl. The police didn’t fare any better.

It was as if she had vanished into thin air. While a disturbed community and an equally perturbed nation reacted in an overwhelming response to this tragedy, the police, led by detectives Domenik Kaufman and Jerry Gissel, drew an absolute blank. 10,000 leads, witness hypnosis sessions, FBI consultations, numerous polygraph and voice-stress tests, suspect profiling and countless efforts later, they still didn’t have enough to even name a suspect. Grudgingly declared an open case, the trail gradually grew cold.

Recently however, as a part of a revival effort, ABC News “20/20″, is slotted to air award-winning reporter Elizabeth Vargas interviewing the family…in a continuing attempt, in what has been up until now, a painstaking but ultimately largely futile attempt. All this, while a grief-stricken family still waits for their little one to come home at long last.

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