“Golden Eye 007″ Is Set To Get Better

October 30th, 2010 - 7:21 pm ICT by GD  

By Meena Kar
02-scaramangaOct 30, (THAINDIAN NEWS) The latest buzz for the video game freaks is the enhanced remake of GoldenEye 007, based on the 1995 James Bong flick. This game would be released for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. The first generation of “Golden Eye 007″ was introduced in 1997, and was highly appraised for its multiplayer deathmatch mode. It was considered as one of the best best shooting games and over eight million copies were sold.

The remake of the “Golden eye 007″ is exclusively for Wii and Nintendo DS and is all set to release on November 2. Nintendo DS version has been developed and launched by N- Space, while the Nintendo Wii version has been developed by the Eurocom. To make it more exciting, current Bond actor, Daniel Craig will lend his voice for the new version. At the same time, the game will feature 8 confirmed classic Bond characters, with new features like on-line multi-player and split screen multi player, special game modes and on-line play for up eight friends. The game involves adopting the “lethal, gritty Style” of Daniel Craig to “outwit, outmaneuver and overtake an arms syndicate” that threatens the world in an innovative way. The game has been published by Activision and written by Bruce Feirstein. Although the new version centers around the original theme of the film, the game levels have been altered in order to modify the story a step further. This modification is based on Daniel Craig’s interpretation of James Bond. The new techniques of the remake coincide with the modern first person shooter. Other new developments by Eurocom is the use of cellphones, instead of watches, to to scan documents, take photos, and communicate with MI6.

The Remake of the “Golden Eye 007″ will have 25 new confirmed weapons like Walther WA 2000, Tokarev TT-33, P99, FN P90, AK-47 etc. On-line multi player will include XP- Progression, multipliers and unlockables.

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