‘Gokula’ a winner all the way (Kannada Film Review)

November 28th, 2009 - 4:10 pm ICT by IANS  

By V.S. Rajapur
Film: “Gokula”; Director: Prakash; Cast: Vijaya Raghavendra, Pooja Gandhi, Yesh, Nakshathra, Sreenivasa Murthy and Sumithra; Music: Mano Murthy; Rating: ****

Director Prakash’s “Gokula” certainly qualifies to be one of the best films released this year. The movie, which has neatly blended comical elements with touching emotions, is a clear winner.

The film scores mainly because of its engaging screenplay and Prakash’s style of narration. The entire family can enjoy the entertainer.

Prakash once again proves his class by effectively narrating a very neat film with some top class performances and good technical work.

What makes “Gokula” special is that it is not just engaging, but also appeals to the audience with its tasteful and stylish presentation. The film touches your heart strings mainly because of the sustained performances of the actors and the fun and emotion-filled dialogues.

The story as such does not have any fresh content. It essentially revolves around four irresponsible orphans, who cheat others to make money. The happy-go-lucky friends are haunted by an old couple, as one of them looks similar to their long lost son. The old couple see a mirror image in him.

The four youngsters try to emotionally blackmail and defraud the old couple by allowing a local don Kale to take possession of their house.

However, the youngsters are touched by the love and affection shown by the elderly couple. Still bowing to pressures from Kale, they deliver the documents of the house but the don has already ordered the killing of the old man. Finally, the repentant youngsters decide to stay with the old woman.

Veteran artists Sreenivasa Murthy and Sumithra have delivered great performances and your are sure to shed tears watching them. They come out on top with their profound display of emotions.

The film also belongs to Vijaya Raghavendra, who proves that he is an actor of calibre. Pooja Gandhi has also done a good job in the role of a medical student.

Another neat performance comes from Yesh, who has some wonderful dialogues in the film. Nakshatra, who makes a debut in the film, impresses in the role of a shy girl.

Mano Murthy’s music and Sathya Hegde’s camera work complement each other and support the film well. The songs “Araamaagi Idhdhe Naanu”, “Neene Helu” and “Majaa Maadokke” are hummable.

“Gokula” is one film that you should not miss.

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