Glee: Fox Takes Chances with High School Musical

May 20th, 2009 - 11:08 pm ICT by GD  

Fox’s new musical comedy Glee is all set to premiere on Tuesday evening’s most coveted slot after the final face off between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen on American Idol. But the hitch comes later. For the next episode viewers will have to wait for four whole months till September but from what viewers have seen in sneak previews and will see on the show’s premiere, they would surely be ready to wait.

The show is at once cynical and dreamy as it takes us to the competitive show choirs of McKinley High School. It focuses on a high school teacher in a small Mid-western town who wants to make a difference on the lines of his students by taking over the abandoned glee club. However, he is going bankrupt in trying to keep it afloat. The funds are monopolized by the cheer-leading squad and what comes to the Glee club is barely enough to keep it going. The members of the club are somewhat talented but are also very unpopular among other students who leave aside no chance to mock and deride them. Co-creator and executive producer chose to give the show some of his personal experience from his own Glee Club in Indiana and says, “When you do get the lead in something or you’re performing, you sort of feel that the world is suddenly available to you, and you have so much optimism about what you can become. It doesn’t even have to be about being a performer. It’s about a belief in yourself. I remember that feeling, and it was very important to me. And that’s what I wanted the show to be about.”

The fact that Fox is making its audience wait so long before the next episode only shows how much confidence they have on the show. But will it work? Only time can tell.

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