Ghost Hunters Go to Betsy Ross House

March 13th, 2009 - 12:25 am ICT by GD  

Ghost Hunters is finally back for a fifth season with Amy Bruni as a full-time investigator now. Amy had led the TAPS west coast team before she joined Jason and Grant on the show for investigations. The former Ghost Hunters Dustin Pari and Joe Chin will continue with the Ghost Hunters International team.

The Betsy Ross house is now a popular tourist spot. It has had its guests and workers who reported a number of unusual paranormal activities, shadowy figures, people being touched and a male voice that supposedly belongs to a security guard who was shot by another worker in the basement.

A place with a long history remains a web that its former residents cannot seem to escape. Jason and Grant said they have heard footsteps and then a loud moan from the area upstairs. Then they reported hearing a conversation and checked to see if anybody else was present but no team members were around. The team initially did not have much evidence to work with but things seem more equipped now.

At the Hannum House at Glenn Mills, PA, meanwhile the family reported ghost-like figures in civil war uniforms, footsteps at night and furniture that moved by itself. The 1694 house was a court house, a church and a tavern before the revolutionary times and then the family of 3 moved in. Jason and Grant said they have heard footsteps in the child’s bedroom and felt the bed vibrate. The team reported some EVPs in the attic but none that seemed to be out to cause any harm to anyone.

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