George Carlin 7 words as he is mourned

June 23rd, 2008 - 9:51 pm ICT by David M N James  

George Carlin seven wordsSensational, frenzied and loved comedian George Carlin has passed on leaving his 7 words which you cant say nor mention on any television have risen.

Maybe, they will be his spirit. Millions of Carlin fans are now looking for these seven words which made him a loved and hated television face for years. Carlin was always in the habit of using these absurd and socially unacceptable words.

The seven words included the F-word (f**k) which has become a commonplace lingua in Hollywood California and across the globe. He was also in the habit of using the greasily word “t*ts” leaving millions of women viewers of the comedy shows completely pissed off. He could say “fu*k them all; spoon blows the fu*k up and a lot more of the f word. He used the words, shit, piss, fu*k, cu*t, co*ksucker, motherf****r and ti*s. Classic statements with these statements are as below and as said by Carlin himself during his TV shows. ‘The bird shit on the statue, I have to piss like a race horse. F**k you, She has a gorgeous cu*t, Go to hell, you c**ksucker, you are a motherf****r.

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