Gadgets have made our lives simpler and less complex - Akshay Anand

April 25th, 2009 - 2:27 pm ICT by Sampurn Wire  

Gadgets have made our lives simpler and less complex - Akshay Anand Q. Are you a gizmo freak?
A. Yes, some sort of. I am not an over gadget freak but have my balance. I have the latest mobile phone, something that is user friendly. I play a lot of games, PSP’s and I am into computers and other stuff like that.

Q. What gadgets do you possess?
A. I have an E-71 Nokia, which is a wonderful phone. I have a laptop HP, which is specially built for media people.

Q. Which is your latest priced possession?
A. My car, Honda Civic.

Q. Do you think gadgets have made our lives simpler?
A. Yes, they do have made our lives simpler and less complex. On just a touch of a finger you get such a lot of information and it does make the world smaller.

Q. Which is the one discovery (in gadgets) without which you think life would have been impossible?
A. The computer; at least my life would have been impossible without a computer.

Q. Where do you access your email -on phone or on the laptop?
A. On my laptop.

Q. How important is it to be techno savvy in today’s world?
A. I think it is very important to be techno savvy because the whole world believes in a certain kind of communication. One should be techno savvy to stay communicated with the world and to know the form which is in vogue now for communication.

Q. There are a lot of complicated gadgets, and they are expensive too. What do you have to say about them?
A. I don’t like buying very expensive gadgets. I feel if a gadget has a particular use then it makes sense but if your going to be paying like 60-70,000 for a mobile, it does not makes sense. I really don’t agree with buying expensive gadgets if the same can be bought in a lesser price.

Q. Do you think the whopping prize tag a gadget has today in the market is justified?
A. Actually it depends upon what the gadget is offering because always something new is coming out of a gadget. For example, say for a mobile, it keeps getting advanced with camera mega pixels and it gives you more storage spaces. It gives you options for downloading music and stuff like that. I think the price would be justified in that case.

Q. The modern Gadgets in the market have made us rely on them completely. We have literally become dependent on them. Comment on the same?
A. Yes to a very great extent we have become dependent on them, like today, the basis of writing is out dated now, so I believe in this case you become dependent on E-mails which is more simpler rather than writing a letter and posting it. In case of knowledge one does not need to go to the library today to collect information, you can just go on Google and search and there you get all the information you need. -Sampurn Media
Gadgets have made our lives simpler and less complex - Akshay Anand

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