Gadgets have made our life more complicated - Sharad Kelkar

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Gadgets have made our life more complicated - Sharad Kelkar Q. Are you a gizmo freak?
A. No, I am not really a gizmo freak.

Q. What gadgets do you possess?
A. I use the normal things like I-phone, laptop etc.

Q. Which is your latest priced possession?
A. My latest priced possession is one of my watches which cost me around 75 lakhs.

Q. Do you think gadgets have made our lives simpler?
A. Not exactly, rather they have made our life more complicated because you use them more than you really need to. I use to like playing on my play station, but it was creating some problem. Then I felt that I am neglecting my family, my mom and my wife.

Q. Which is the one discovery (in gadgets) without which you think life would have been impossible?
A. There is nothing like that without which life would have been impossible. But yeah, mobile phone is very much necessary now-a-days to communicate with others in a very short period of time.

Q. Where do you access your email - on phone or on the laptop?
A. I access it on my laptop.

Q. How important is it to be techno savvy in today’s world?
A. It is very important to be techno savvy in these days as we can’t depend on the old traditional formats like posters etc. You have to be updated and gain knowledge with time.

Q. There are a lot of complicated gadgets, and they are expensive too. What do you have to say about them?
A. Yes, there are a lot of complicated gadgets and you want to open them out. Then only our brain starts to work and we try to discover them. And your curiosity gets its results in the end.

Q. Do you think the whopping prize tag a gadget has today in the market is justified?
A. No. Some of the gadgets are really very costly for the kind of benefits they provide.

Q. The modern Gadgets in the market have made us rely on them completely. We have literally become dependent on them. Comment on the same?
A. I don’t think we have started depending on any of the gadgets.

Q. Where do you usually buy your gadgets and gizmos from? Any suggestions for our readers…
A. I buy them from Mumbai only.

– Shruti Didwaniya / Sampurn Media
Gadgets have made our life more complicated - Sharad Kelkar

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