Furore over BBC ‘Amercanising’ British history with sexed-up ‘The Tudors’

November 14th, 2007 - 2:46 am ICT by admin  
The Tudors, made by Showtime, a U.S. production company, has already been telecasted in the US before appearing on BBC2.

But, countless viewers are enraged at the historical inaccuracies and needless sex scenes, claiming that the corporation had “dumbed down” British history.

“Overall the series is badly written with an extremely cheap feel to it. It is hugely disappointing. With inaccuracies in almost every sentence, the BBC is dumbing down the Tudor period,” the Daily Mail quoted Leanda de Lisle, a Tudor biographer, as saying.

Lisle added that the character of Henry VIII, played by Johanthan Rhys Meyers, is totally opposed to what the real monarch was.

“The characters talk in completely unnatural ways, addressing their own family members as “Anne Boleyn” or “Mary Boleyn” so that we, the stupid audience, understand who they’re supposed to be,” she said.

“Henry VIII was exceedingly powerful, both politically and physically, but Rhys Meyers is pretty, rather than macho and thus completely unconvincing,” she added.

The first episode already featured a raunchy sex scene between Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, played by Maria Doyle Kennedy.

“Imagine my bitter disappointment [with] a rewritten, out of context, out of time story about Henry VIII. The story of the Tudors is juicy enough already, it certainly did not need this Americanisation,” a viewer wrote.

The Oct 26 episode will see the king romping naked again with Anne Boleyn, played by actress Natalie Dormer.

“[The Tudors] is a porno-style historical semi-drama [and] quite obviously not aimed at the serious TV watcher,” another viewer wrote.

However, a BBC spokesman defended the programme by saying, “The Tudors is not a documentary drama and as with all dramas, it is reasonable to expect a fair amount of artistic licence and to allow the writers to interpret and invent historical events.”

“BBC Acquisitions hoped to attract a new, younger audience to history which we feel we have achieved. The Tudors is watched by over two million viewers, all of whom are enjoying the interpretation,” he added. (ANI)

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