Fringe episode 3, brings out the ‘net work of ghosts’

September 24th, 2008 - 2:49 pm ICT by David M N James  

Fringe TV showThis is a strange television show to watch, but not exactly as strange, it’s what we all call a good entertainment on the wanton telly.

The last episode was as controversial as a genie. A man rapidly ages and you are shocked at the speed of such scientific or call it biological complexities. This is in the episode where a newborn developed into an elderly man in a matter of hours. Stars Olivia and Peter tracked down the father, who was actually a man who was responsible for lab experiment gone horribly awry.

This new JJ Abrams series has led to hordes of people getting hooked up to it. And episode 3 was just fantastic. Fringe episode 3 was about a guy who could interpret his patterned visions. He is a bus traveling. He approaches a pastor and he tells him about his vision. Something is going to happen in this bus. And it so happens since a man walk into the bus, he is sporting a briefcase. He is looking at everyone weirdly and causes fear like aura in the bus. He ironically stares at a woman and during this intoxicating stare reverie, he opens the briefcase and a terrible killer gas is released intoxicating the people. The gasman wears a gas mask and he survives as other check out of earth early.

FBI comes on the ground. They begin investigating and they find out that there is a deadly compound in the gas. This success is courtesy of agent Walter who does it under sweet piano tunes.

Walter et al traces the three compounds traced in the gas to a company called Massive. Massive Dynamic is the only company that makes some of the compounds found in the gas. So FBI has to piece u this lead and source that sold or let off this compound to the assembler of the gas weapon.

Enter agent Olivia, she is very observing, and at the crime scene and the place where the bodies of the victims lie, she is the only agent who spots the camera. Smart Olivia plays the video on the camera. It belongs to a dead woman, a victim of this vindictive act. Olivia notices on the video that the woman with the back pack did, indeed, have a backpack and now, no one can seem to find this particular bag. This dead woman cum owner of the camera was a special DEA agent working on some intense Nicaraguan drug cartel.

This is the only lead Olivia and the FBI have; Nicaraguan drug dealers massacred innocent lives with gas. But no, the seer who prophesized the whole thing and confessed to the priest brings hope to this stalemate. It starts with Charlie. Charlie calls from her old team to tell her about this guy. Olivia chases the guy down and Walter has an explanation as to why this guy seems to be psychically linked to whoever is planning these events. He not only saw the bus attack, he also had things pointing to the plane crash that put Olivia on her new course, as well as a slew of other pattern like occurrences. He has metal in his blood and this links him to a kind of telephone network which causes him to see the conversations instead of hearing them. This network is known as the “Ghost Network” and it’s a project that Walter was working on for the government.

The whole things moves fast now and stops with Olivia. She identifies the bad guy and the whole thing is about to be resolved. Walter needs a brain surgery tool in order to transmit the “psychic’s” visions to sound. The team is able to hear a conversation about a drop off and that the woman had the item on her person the whole time. Olivia checks on the woman’s body, but finds out that something chopped off her hand. Olivia knows that the person behind it is the partner to the DEA agent. The FBI team retrieves what was cut out of the DEA agent’s hand, the hand chopper dives in front of a bus. Olivia gives the disc to Agent Broyles. Broyles goes Massive Dynamic, and the whole thing is just thrilling, complex and scientific. It’s a hit and millions are getting hooked to it.

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