Foul-mouth chef Gordon Ramsay embroiled in controversy again

June 9th, 2009 - 6:16 pm ICT by John Le Fevre  

Gordon Ramsay Foul-mouthed celebrity television chef Gordon Ramsay is embroiled in more controversy, this time in Australia where a war of word has broken out between him and a popular current affairs television host.

Ramsay, who is in Australia for the Good Food & Wine Show, appeared on the Nine network A Current Affair last week without incident.

However, the following day while performing a cooking demonstration, Ramsay for some unexplained reason launched a tirade of abuse against Grimshaw, describing her as a lesbian and showing a picture of a woman - who appeared to be naked - on her hands and knees with the features of a pig and multiple breasts.

“That’s Tracy Grimshaw,” he told the audience. “I had an interview with her yesterday - holy crap. She needs to see Simon Cowell’s Botox doctor.”

The following day Ramsay continued the rant, telling the audience that he and Grimshaw “were secret lovers for 20 years,” before dismissing it as a joke. “No, I didn’t go there . … I didn’t stoop that low, for God’s sake.”

Last night, the first opportunity Grimshaw has had to respond to the sledging, she described Ramsay as an “arrogant narcissist”,

She said she was considering not dignifying Ramsay’s tirade with a response but decided to hit back.

“I’m not going to sit meekly and let some arrogant narcissist bully me,” she said onA Current Affair.

“We’ve all seen how Gordon Ramsay treats his wife and he supposedly loves her. We’re all just fodder to him.”

“Last week his publicists stipulated incessantly the interviews on this trip not include questions about his marriage and private life. We all know why. I respected that request, but it appears with Ramsay that respect is a one-way street.”

“I wonder how many people would laugh if they were effectively described as an old ugly pig. Obviously Gordon thinks any woman who doesn’t find him attractive must be gay.

“For the record, I don’t and I’m not.”

Millionaire Ramsay fired back today, assembling a team of lawyers and labelling Grimshaw’s attack as unprofessional and a desperate ploy at gathering ratings.

Ramsay denies ever referring to Grimshaw as a lesbian, a claim supported by the shows organizers., who said, “the actual comments he has been accused of, he didn’t make.”

Ramsay said, “I’ve got the tapes, I didn’t mention the word lesbian once. It’s obvious she did it for ratings.”

Ramsay said his lawyers were scrutinising tapes of what he had to say about Grimshaw during his appearances at the Good Food & Wine Show.

”The tapes are there, they are being scrutinised by the lawyers. I’m having a tongue-in-cheek joke was not at her expense,” he said today.

Grimshaw said she neither expected or wanted an apology from Ramsay, vowing never to interview him again.

“I’m not interested in speaking to the bloke again - I can’t imagine any circumstances where I would want to interview him again.” the veteran journalist said.

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